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Expansion on Military Benefits to Prepare Active Duty Soldiers for Careers with Army Credentialing Assistance


Blackstone Career Institute (BCI) is excited to offer Army Credentialing Assistance in order to expand upon the programs provided to assist military service members in obtaining certification in various in-demand career fields. These programs help service members transition more easily into civilian life.

The Army CA will provide active duty soldiers with tuition assistance benefits to make pursuing education more attainable and provide a smoother transition to a career. This recently approved program, offered at bases around the country as of January 2020, displays similarities to the Army’s existing Tuition Assistance Program; however, there are some key requirements and criteria for an active duty soldier to receive the most effective use of their benefits.


What Does It Offer?

Army military members can receive up to $4,000 through the Army Credentialing Assistance Program that can be put towards an online career training diploma. This benefit covers the full cost of tuition for courses offered through Blackstone such as Paralegal Assistant, Dental Office Assistant, Childcare Provider, Medical Office Assistant, and more. These online career training programs are designed to help soldier’s prepare for life after the military by providing opportunities for Service members to earn professional and technical credits, increasing their employment opportunities after being discharged.

As part of the program there are a few aspect that the Army will provide compensation for including fund training, books, mandatory fees, exams, and recertification.

It is important to note that the Army will be paying for the costs associated with this program so soldiers should not submit any form of payment.

Providing these additional benefits is a way for career schools, like Blackstone, to provide a quality training at no cost to service members as they embark on their journey of pursuing a fulfilling career.

Who is Eligible?

Any Army personnel interested in taking one of Blackstone’s accredited programs is able to apply for the CA program when they meet the basic Federal TA eligibility requirements, are not flagged under provisions of AR 600-8-2, are not contracted under the ROTC scholarship cadet where they are receiving tuition and fees or room and board, or are part of the Green to Gold ROTC program cadet. In addition, soldiers must be active members who have enough time remaining in their service with the army to complete the required coursework to receive their diploma before leaving the military.

Are you or someone you know ready to get started on courses to pursue a career once leaving the Army?

All soldiers need to do is submit a credential plan through their GoArmyEd Account. After the information is received and reviewed, an education counselor will send the information to ACCESS for processing and the solider will get a notification with further instructions to getting started on their course!

Blackstone’s Continued Military Benefits

Blackstone is proud to be a military friendly school for the past ten years. BCI courses are ideal for military men, women and their spouses. Our core philosophy Education…Anytime, Anywhere supports a balance of work, life, and education. Our effective, technology-driven programs and services focus on course quality and student satisfaction. And our daily rolling admission gives you the flexibility and freedom to get started, prepare for your new career, and graduate debt-free. Blackstone is proud to be included in the list of regionally accredited online schools. In addition to this philosophy, Blackstone accepts the MyCAA and GI Bill benefits. Read more about this and receive all the FAQ’s here. We look forward to serving your educational needs through the continually advancing options we provide for military service members and their families.


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