If you’ve always dreamed of starting a career as a paralegal, but feel as if you don’t have the resources, then Blackstone Career Institute can help. When it comes to prepping for paralegal certificate programs online, we offer a nationally accredited program that qualifies you to sit for the CLA/CP and ALP exams, thus giving you the tools you need to succeed and move towards a new career. Additionally, our training programs come at an affordable tuition cost, giving you the potential to graduate debt free. And since our training is online, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to work and balance your personal life while you complete the program.

You Can Open the Door to Law School
While prepping for paralegal certificate programs online, you might find yourself more interested in law than you initially thought. If you find yourself considering law school somewhere down the line, the knowledge and skills you will gain as a paralegal will give you an advantage when it comes to law school prep. Our career training and a paralegal certificate can give you an immediate advantage over others who have no previous law experience.

You’ll Have Skills for Permanent Employment
Not only is becoming a paralegal a practical career choice, but it’s also dependable in terms of growth. The demand for paralegals has continued to steadily grow over the years, with employment for paralegals estimated to grow by a whopping 17% by 2022. As a paralegal, your skills will also make you eligible for employment at businesses other than law firms. You might also decide to teach, or be your own boss as an independent contractor for paralegal services. Either way, our paralegal certificate programs online will prepare you for success with long term employment.

You’ll Be Doing What You Love!
Perhaps the most important reason of all to pursue paralegal certificate programs online with us is that we give you the tools to achieve a career doing what you love. Not only that, but you’ll be able to enjoy all of the benefits and convenience of our online career training program.

If you’re searching for the tools you need to earn your certification in a convenient and affordable manner, then Blackstone Career Institute should be your final destination. We give you complete freedom to manage your personal life, your job, and your education–all at your own pace. Contact us today and discover how our excellence in online career training can help turn your dreams of a paralegal career into a reality.