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November is Military Family Month and Blackstone is honored to be able to highlight one of our successful military spouse graduates and his family.

Melvin graduated from our Pharmacy Technician Career Program this past August and remarked at how the course has helped his family. “Completing the course gave me another tool to use out in the workforce. It’s something new and makes me more versatile. Being a military spouse for over 16 years, I’ve learned not to limit myself to what I’m able to do. Now, I have another trade that I’m certified in that can help keep me employed permanent change of station (pcs) after permanent change of station.”

During the time of Melvin’s enrollment with Blackstone’s course, he expressed how well the requirements fit into his lifestyle as a military spouse. “The courses are self-paced, which makes it easier to balance family life, work and personal time.” Additionally, Blackstone has strived to make our “school without walls” as simple as possible for our students to navigate and complete their assignments, wherever they may be located. “The website is user friendly and I was able to access [my course] from my desktop computer at work as well as my Apple computer from home,” Melvin explains.

The advice Melvin wants to offer to other military spouses looking to go back to school is to just do it! “The more you put it off, the more time you will have wasted that could have been used towards a certification or degree.”


We thank Melvin for choosing Blackstone Career Institute to help change his life through education. We are proud of military spouses who dedicate themselves to the pursuit of furthering their education and accomplishing their professional or personal goals. Congratulations, and thank you and your family for your services and sacrifices for our country!