Student Feedback

March 2007: The feedback from students speaks for itself. For the fourth consecutive year, more than 9 out of 10 students who enroll with a DETC accredited institution reported they achieved their learning goals and are satisfied with their studies. And, for the fourth consecutive year, the overwhelming majority would recommend their alma mater to a friend: more than 97% (for non-degree students) and 94% (for degree students) thought enough of their experiences with a DETC institution that they would suggest it to another person.

Each year, institutions accredited by the DETC must engage in a formal “outcomes assessment” process where, among other outcomes-measuring activities, they must survey a random selection of their students to elicit their level of satisfaction with their studies.

Since most DETC students are adult learners who have roles other than that of being a student, they are in a unique position to judge whether they are realizing their learning goals and if they are satisfied with their studies at their institution.

In 2006, the Commission increased the minimum acceptable percentage from 67% to 75% to a survey that contains three questions mandated by the Accrediting Commission where students must answer positively (“Yes”) about their experiences. The results below present the average (mean) for all the DETC institutions reporting for 2003 through 2006. In many cases, individual institution survey results indicated “100% student satisfaction.”

The outstanding results, after four years of DETC surveys, document that DETC institutions are delivering on their promises to their students. These survey results are solid evidence that DETC accredited institutions are giving value and are worthy of public confidence.

The cumulative results for the survey for all U.S.-based postsecondary and degree institutions for the past four years are below:

Question 1. Did you achieve, or will you have achieved upon completing your studies, the goals you had when you started the course or program? (% that answered “Yes”)

2003 2004 2005 2006
Degree-Awarding Institutions 93% 95% 95% 94%
Postsecondary Institutions 93% 93% 94% 94%


Question 2. Would you recommend these studies to a friend? (% that answered “Yes”)

2003 2004 2005 2006
Degree-Awarding Institutions 95% 96% 96% 94%
Postsecondary Institutions 96% 96% 97% 95%


Question 3. All things considered, were you satisfied with your studies? (% that answered “Yes”)

2003 2004 2005 2006
Degree-Awarding Institutions 93% 95% 95% 94%
Postsecondary Institutions 93% 93% 94% 94%


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