Student Spotlight


April Student Spotlight – G. Lee Kellogg

I chose Blackstone Career Institute’s Legal Assistant/Paralegal program based on two things: educational value and,overall cost.  Both of which are outstanding.

Based on my research there are individuals taking this course work, and knowing their freedom may depend on what they learn.  This in and of itself was total justification for me. I have learned more in one month, with Blackstone classes, than I did in almost 2 years of law school…when I changed horses in mid-stream in favor of an MBA program.

I believe the Blackstone method of teaching cuts straight to the heart of the legal/judicial system that governs justice, for you and me, in today’s aggressive society.

-G. Lee Kellogg



March Student Spotlight – Lavonia Lawrence

I have had a pleasurable experience with Blackstone Career Institute. I found that with setting my own pace it was achievable for me to complete my program while balancing family and work life. It seems like yesterday I started my program and now I am looking forward to gaining on the job training and becoming a certified Medical Biller and Coder.

-Lavonia Lawrence





February Student Spotlight – Regina Diaz

I am currently a Legal Assistant and have been in the legal field since 1988.  I recently got a job with the County and was told about Blackstone Career Institute by other co-workers.  I decided to get my Paralegal Certificate through Blackstone so that I will have the opportunity to be promoted as a Paralegal.  I have always wanted to get my Paralegal Certificate but just haven’t had the time to attend school.  Blackstone lets you work at your own pace and is very easy to understand.  I would highly recommend this course to others and have already done so.

-Regina Diaz



January Student Spotlight – Shannon Kealiher

I am a single mom trying to maintain in life and struggle with the rent increases as well as taking care of my child with no help from the government. This has been a really hard struggle. I was able to land a job with the City Attorney’s Office. I have been there for about 3 months. I was told that I could move up to a Paralegal position but needed to get my paralegal certificate. Well, being a single mom with no extra babysitting arrangements for night classes meant this was not going to happen. One of my co-workers told me about Blackstone. I went online to check it out and ended up reading that it is at your own pace and the fees were not that bad. I signed up. I thought that it would take me 9 plus months to get through the program, but I was able to get it done in 3 months. I have now been promoted to Paralegal with an $8,000 yearly raise. This class was easy to keep up with and I learned a lot in the course. I would recommend this program to everyone.

-Shannon Kealiher

December Student Spotlight – Karishna Guzmank-guzman-student-spotlight

My overall experience with Blackstone Career Institute was beyond my expectations; the institute has exceptional, prompt and courteous student services, the motivational letters/emails gave me the extra push I needed when life made sure to occupy and overwhelm me. The freedom to study at my own pace was the most gratifying as I have already done the on campus education and the amount of pressure I had as a working married mom was exacerbating. The study material was intense, complete, current, yet easy enough to comprehend.

I have been in the Real-Estate business for approximately 15 years as Legal Administrators appearing in court on behalf of landlords and serving as a liaison between paralegals, attorney and tenants but ultimately approving agreements and making decisions on behalf of the landlord, that I decided it was time for me to seal my 15 years of experience with a certification. It was challenging at times but a very pleasant experience. 🙂 Thank you!

-Karishna Guzman

November Student Spotlight – John Whitfieldj-whitfield

I was highly impressed with this Paralegal Program. This was truly an awesome educational experience! The lessons were very detailed, informative and comprehensive. My experience with Blackstone Career Institute is an educational journey that I will never forget. As I stated before, this learning experience was well worth the money spent.

My reason for taking this course was to improve my employment chances, to expand my knowledge of the law and to acquire certification confirming that I have knowledge of the legal process. For many years I have conducted numerous Pro Se litigation, ranging from the commencement of civil lawsuits and conducting civil trials to filing motions and appeals regarding criminal proceedings.  With the acquisition of this certificate, I am finally able to document the fact that I understand the law and can assist attorneys in their effort to represent clients.

Although I am currently employed as a Youth Counselor, my ultimate goal is to start my own Paralegal business in order to generate supplemental income.  In addition, I am in the process of acquiring National Certification from the National Association for Legal Assistants (NALA).

Once again, thank you for a wonderful educational experience!

John Whitfield