Ethics for Paralegals Certificate Course provides 5 hours of CLEs

Ethics for Paralegals

Ethics for Paralegals

Ethics for Paralegals


High School or General Equivalency Diploma

Completion Time

Completion time 12 months


Online modules & exam



There’s a wide range of requirements that paralegals and legal assistants must meet to maintain their certification. Blackstone’s Ethics for Paralegals course provides 5 hours of CLEs for NALA and NALS-certified paralegals required to meet the legal ethics requirement for recertification. This fully online, self-paced course discusses ethical issues important for paralegals such as the unauthorized practice of law, ethical walls, fiduciary duty, and rules of confidentiality. Additional information about paralegal certification and licensing is also included.

Course Outcomes

  • Explain how the paralegal profession evolved
  • Describe the tasks of a paralegal
  • Differentiate between legal and paralegal responsibilities
  • Differentiate between certification and licensing
  • List the pros and cons of licensure
  • Cite advantages and disadvantages of becoming a freelance paralegal
  • Elaborate on duties paralegals may perform
  • Explain the rules of confidentiality relating to attorneys and paralegals
  • Describe an “ethical wall”
  • Define fiduciary duty
  • Differentiate between billable and nonbillable hours
  • Define fee splitting
  • Elaborate on advertising and the freelance/independent paralegal
  • Describe the importance of paralegal conduct
  • Understand the duty of reporting misconduct
  • Describe the importance of pro bono work
  • Describe the value of lifelong learning

Materials Provided

Blackstone makes it easy for you to complete the Ethics for Paralegals course by providing all of the materials needed. See further details below: Ethics for Paralegals
      • Evolution of the Paralegal Profession
      • Tasks of a Paralegal
      • Attorney vs. Paralegal Responsibilities
      • Certification and Licensing
      • Freelance and Independent Paralegals
      • Confidentiality, Ethical Walls, and Screening
      • Fees and Fee Sharing
      • Advertising
      • The Integrity of the Paralegal Profession
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Maintain your paralegal certification

Successful paralegals understand the importance of keeping current with the ever-changing legal field. To support continuing legal education (CLE) needs and professional development, Blackstone offers paralegals specialized online courses in a variety of legal topics. Our Ethics for Paralegals course is designed for both professional development and to meet the continuing legal education (CLE) needs of practicing paralegals.

If you are a Certified Paralegal (CP®) through NALA, the National Association of Legal Assistants  Ethics for Paralegals is worth 5 hours toward the 50 hours of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) needed for paralegal recertification.

If you are an Accredited Legal Professional (ALP), Certified Legal Professional (CLP) or Professional Paralegal (PP) through NALS, National Association for Legal Support Professionals, a minimum of 5 Hours of ethics per recertification is required.

Use of the NALA logo indicates membership in NALA and does not indicate an endorsement, approval, or recommendation of any school, education program, or training related to the qualifications for any testing or certifications provided by NALA.


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