Message from the President

Blackstone 125 year anniversary


Welcome to Blackstone Career Institute, where we have been changing lives through education for 125 years! I am fortunate to be a part of an institution that has remained committed to high quality and affordable education helping thousands of students advance their training and realize their career goals. As a nationally and regionally accredited school providing online education, I can firmly attest that our student satisfaction rate is exceptional. They have invested in themselves and so can you.

Why do I think Blackstone has the finest distance education programs for aspiring professionals? Providing career training since 1890, one of the first and oldest distance education training schools, Blackstone has stood the test of time and remains at the forefront of career training. We offer a curriculum of study that takes a backseat to none, with superior students services to keep you encouraged, engaged and on track. We prepare our students with professional-level knowledge, industry insight, and skills for opening the door to more opportunities. Our graduates enter the workforce with the confidence to start or advance their careers. In short, we teach you how to get things done.

Got a busy week? Blackstone makes it easy for you to balance family, work and education. Complete your studies at a pace that suits you, set your hours and the amount of time you put into your studies around your schedule. Do we offer the best online career programs available? We’ve worked hard to be able to say “yes!” Yet, we continually upgrade and update our studies so that Blackstone Career Institute stays current and relevant in each career field. We operate our school with integrity, enthusiasm, and a strong commitment to our students’ success.

It’s difficult to summarize my pride in our school into a couple of paragraphs. Check us out. Whether you take a course to pursue a new career, advance in your current position, or seek continued education for personal fulfillment, we hope you consider Blackstone Career Institute for your continued journey in education. Because at Blackstone, your success is our goal!


Kevin J. McCloskey

Blackstone Career Institute, President