Registered Nurse (RN) credential

Active Registered Nurse (RN) License


Completion Time

The average student completes in 8-14 months

Average Salary

According to Glassdoor, the median annual salary is $106,691


Legal Nurse Consultant Certified (LNCC®)

What you will do

A legal nurse consultant is a registered nurse (RN) who specializes in serving the legal field and assisting attorneys and others, on matters involving personal injury, product liability, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, risk management, healthcare licensure investigations, and other healthcare related cases.

LNC’s can be an invaluable source of expertise for lawyers in a variety of cases. As a legal nurse consultant, you may help attorneys analyze and evaluate the facts and testimony in a case. You might also offer expert testimony related to healthcare, nursing, nature and cause of injury and distribution of health services.

LNC responsibilities include:

  • Review and analyze medical records
  • Pass professional judgment on medical cases
  • Advise attorneys on health care-related cases
  • Educate legal experts on the standards of care for nursing
  • Act as an expert witness during trials


Building on your education and clinical experience, this course provides nursing professionals with fundamental skills necessary to advise law firms, health care providers, insurance companies, and governmental agencies on medically related issues. This 855-clock hour course will provide a comprehensive analysis of the principles and practices of legal nurse consulting (LNC), with an emphasis on legal research, personal injury and torts, civil litigation, and the medical-legal system.

Program outcomes

  • Identify primary and secondary sources of law, and legal issues in a case
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of research tools, and techniques necessary
    to find the law
  • Describe the legal system, the legal principles, the legal analysis process, the rule
    of law, and the litigation process
  • Apply problem-solving and critical analytical skills, with the context of
    identifying issues in a case, the rule of law, its application, and the use of

    counterarguments and conclusions
  • Evaluate and prepare professional legal documents, establish case files, and inter
    view expert witnesses
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of medical ethics and proficiently
    access, locate, and research the law by both traditional and electronic methods
  • Recognize the Legal Nurse Consultant’s role in identifying cases involving
    negligence, product liability, torts and criminal litigation

what you will make

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for registered nurses was $77,600 in 2021. Using self-reported data, however, Glassdoor places the median annual salary for legal nursing consultants at $106,691 as of May 2022 In effect, aspiring LNCs can expect to earn a greater median salary than RNs, though the exact amount will likely vary based on experience and geographic location. 




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What Accreditation Means for You

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  • You can access tuition/funding benefits, including Military benefits.  

Regional and National Accreditation

Blackstone Career Institute is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools (MSA) and nationally accredited by Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). MSA and DEAC are recognized members of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA.) Blackstone Career Institute has proudly maintained accreditation since 2005.



Blackstone Career Institute makes it easy for you to receive a quality education at an affordable price point. Everything you need to complete your Online Legal Nurse Consultant Program with Blackstone Career Institute is included in your tuition. Choose the payment plan that best fits your needs and learn how to become a Legal Nurse Consultant today!


$ 2,995 One time payment
  • Fastest completion time
  • Access to all lessons
  • Total $2,995

Full Payment Plan total costs includes $2, 845 Tuition and $150 Registration Fee.


$ $199 Month
  • Most popular plan
  • $299 Down, 13 payments of $199, final payment of $109
  • Total $2,995

13 Month Autopay Plan requires a Down Payment of $299.00 with 13 monthly payments of $199 and a final payment of $109. Total cost includes $2,845 Tuition, $150 Registration Fee, and $0 Finance Fee.


$ 149 Month
  • Lowest monthly payments
  • $299 Down, 18 payments of $149, final payment of $14
  • Total $2,995

18 Month Autopay Plan requires a Down Payment of $299.00 with 18 monthly payments of $149 and a final payment of $14.Total cost includes $2,845 Tuition, $150 Registration Fee, and $0 Finance Fee.

Blackstone participates with the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Program (MyCAA) provides military spouses with an incredible opportunity to pursue licenses, certificates, and certifications necessary for gainful employment in high-demand, high-growth portable career fields.

Meet Your Instructors


Jill Noonan JD, RN

I became an RN in 1975 after graduating from a diploma Nursing Program. I worked in the ICU and/or ER until 1989 when I received my Juris Doctorate degree.  After passing the California Bar Examination in 1990, I practiced Medical Malpractice defense law until 2005.  I managed all aspects of a case from start to finish (discovery, pre-trial motions, expert witnesses, depositions, alternative dispute resolution and trial).  I also served as a Small Claims Court Judge Pro Tem.

I developed a passion for organ donation and worked for Donor Network West, an Organ Procurement Organization in Northern California from 2005-2018 where I used my nursing and legal skills to facilitate the organ donation process. 

I was an adjunct professor in a hybrid BSN to MSN program where I taught Healthcare Law and Ethics for 4 years and have been the Subject Matter Expert and Adjunct Faculty for Medical Law and Ethics and Legal Nurse Consulting Principles and Practices for an online LNC program since 2019.

child care online college courses

Jeff Hauck, MSc, MOS, JD, Ph.D (ABD)

Mr. Hauck holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in Criminal Justice from DeSales University, a Master of Science degree (MSc) in Criminal Justice from Purdue University Global, a Master of Operational Studies (MOS) from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, a Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree (JD) from Widener University School of Law where he graduated from the Law and Government Institute with a concentration in Constitutional and Administrative Law, and is All But Dissertation (ABD) status in a current research Ph.D program in Criminology. Mr. Hauck is a retired Municipal Police Supervisor and retired Licensed Private Detective. In addition to his position as Chief Operations Officer for Hauck Strategic Consulting (HSC), Mr. Hauck is a Field Grade Officer in the U.S. Army. Through HSC Mr. Hauck has consulted with hundreds of clients providing competent paralegal/legal-assistant services either by working with contracted counsel or in-house counsel necessary to the achievement of their individual planned success. Mr. Hauck understands that the law affects nearly every decision and action businesses and individuals make on a daily basis. As such he knows that a skilled paralegal professional can make the difference between success and failure in the legal and/or corporate environment.

Course Materials included

Blackstone’s Legal Nurse Consultant includes resources from publishers – Wolters Kluwer and Cengage delivered in the Mind-Tap and VitalSource platforms all accessed through your Online Student account. Additionally, you will receive customized study guides directing you through all of your coursework.

Using the LexisAdvance® database, you will gain a solid foundation in the principles and practice of Legal Research and Writing. Blackstone’s accredited online Legal Research using LexisAdvance® is designed to prepare students to assist attorneys as they draft and establish formal documentation for their casework.

Course Materials included

Paralegal Today: The Legal Team at Work

Personal Injury and the Law of Torts for Paralegals

Fundamentals of Litigation for Paralegals

Legal Nurse Consulting Principles and Practices

Health Information Management

Additionally, you will receive customized study guides directing you through all of your coursework.

Using the LexisAdvance® database, you will gain a solid foundation in the principles and practice of Legal Research and Writing. Blackstone’s accredited online Legal Research using LexisAdvance® is designed to prepare students to assist attorneys as they draft and establish formal documentation for their casework.


Outside of practicing for three or more years as a licensed registered nurse, we recommend completing a program that includes legal training. This knowledge will help you better understand the legal terminology and concepts used by attorneys in medical-related cases.

Yes. Healthcare is a complex system with strict regulations in place, which means attorneys don’t always have sufficient knowledge about medical protocols when handling a medical malpractice lawsuit or similar cases involving a healthcare provider.

No. You need an active RN license along with at least 3 years of experience in your specialty (critical care, psychiatry, med-surg, pediatrics, OB/GYN, etc.) to ensure you are confident and knowledgeable in the issues being litigated.

There is quite a range of employment environments for LNC’s including: law offices, independent practices, insurance companies, government agencies, patient advocacy groups, health care institutions, forensic departments and business and industry legal departments.

Yes, it is an excellent option for working nurses who would like to supplement their income and build an attorney-client base.

LNC’s primarily work behind the scenes, educating the attorney or legal team about the case and helping prepare for deposition and trial. Legal Nurse Consultants also arrange for medical experts to testify. Yet, it is possible that you may be called upon to act as an expert medical witness in a case.

While it is not required, LNCC® certification offered through the American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Board (ALNCC), shows colleagues, clients, employers, and others in the medical-legal system that you are knowledgeable of, experienced in, and committed to the specialty of Legal Nurse Consulting.