Student Spotlight



April Student Spotlight – Raoul Rouzaud

I deployed with the US Army to the Middle East and found out about Blackstone’s courses.

If it wasn’t for Blackstone Institute’s flexible self-paced courses, I would have not been able to do any school work while deployed. In the Army, Mission comes first. So being able to choose when was the right time for me to do homework and tests was extremely helpful. I worked in the legal field before, but Blackstone’s Paralegal course helped me expand and broaden my knowledge in other areas of the law I didn’t consider before, especially due to the interactive online student portal. So many resources!

Now I’m back stateside and I work as a paralegal for a mid-sized firm in California. 

-Raoul Rouzaud


March Student Spotlight – Kristyn Wargo

The reason why I took the course was to be able to find a job that will allow me to better my future for my family. At this time I’m not working in the field as I still have to pass state exams since I recently received my certificate. I am currently working from home for a law firm.

The student center is very easy to navigate and simple to understand. My overall experience with Blackstone was out of this world; there was always someone to answer any questions or concerns I had.

-Kristyn Wargo


February Student Spotlight – Stefani Cisneros

I decided to take the Paralegal course because I wanted to learn more about the profession, so I could start my journey in the legal field. I am currently working as a Legal Assistant for the real estate team in a mid-size law firm in Seattle. The Online Student Center was great and easy to reach out to when I needed, and they always responded quickly to all my inquiries/concerns. I was not so sure about the program when I enrolled to the Paralegal Course at BCI, but I ended up being really impressed by the extension of the course and the detailed explanation on each module. The subjects were broken down and explained in an easy way to understand (even for me, as English is my second language). My experience with BCI was overall great and I am really glad I was able to succeed and complete this course since I know it will make a difference in all my future endeavors. Thanks to all staff from BCI who answered my questions and were always so helpful when I reached out. BCI offered a great course, material and had helpful staff.

-Stefani Cisneros


January Student Spotlight – Julia Keleher

I enrolled in Blackstone’s Paralegal Program because I was looking for a high-quality, reputable program that also offered me the flexibility to learn at my own pace. Often times, working and going to school creates challenges around managing time. Blackstone’s program is ideal for busy people who are self-directed learners.

The materials are easy to access on the online portal and the syllabus and assignments are easy to follow. Blackstone staff is prompt in replying to student inquiries and I felt supported through the process. Currently, I am working as a consultant and leveraging the knowledge and learning experiences I acquired from this course.

– Julia Keleher





R. Seo Student Spotlight

December Student Spotlight – Rio Seo

I took this course so that I could help my animals and any stray animal that needs help. I am not employed currently but I plan to eventually obtain a veterinary nursing/technician degree. The Online Student Center is very easy to navigate.

My overall experience with Blackstone Career Institute was amazing. The information I learned was extensive and the fact that I can go back to review any info that I want is superb. I would choose Blackstone Career Institute again in a heartbeat.

– Rio Seo


November Student Spotlight – A’Kena Long

It has been a pleasure completing the leadership skills certificate with Blackstone. I learned about Blackstone from a friend’s family member’s Facebook post who had completed the paralegal certificate program. I decided to look into the course offerings and landed on the leadership skills certificate.  It was nice to be introduced to management practices and principles and revisit concepts on skills for success, interpersonal communications, critical thinking skills, and time and stress management. I am currently employed at Emporia State University and can certainly share tips/strategies with my undergraduate and graduate students. The online student center was easy to navigate as each module was opened for me as I paid along the way and completed the previous module.

– A’Kena Long


July Student Spotlight – John Kosta

I express my sincerest gratitude for the exceptional paralegal course I recently completed. As a father of ten, I understand the value of education and how it can impact both my personal and professional life. Despite having no plans to become a paralegal, I enrolled in the course to expand my knowledge of the legal system and enhance my ability to provide my colleagues, in the transportation department of the film industry, with relevant information and guidance.

The course content was comprehensive and covered legal concepts such as the court system, civil litigation, legal research, and legal writing. The online student center was an excellent resource that facilitated my engagement with the course content and supported my learning journey. The practical nature of the course allowed me to develop skills that I can apply in my daily work routine, which makes me feel more confident in

 my ability to assist my colleagues with legal matters. Overall, my experience with Blackstone was positive, and I enjoyed the course very much. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to improve their understanding of the legal system and enhance their professional skills.

Thank you again for providing me with such a valuable educational experience.

– John Kosta


June Student Spotlight – Justine Wolf

My Name is Justine M. Wolf, and at the time I decided to enroll in this program, I was moved to a different position within my place of employment. I had been working strictly with Real Estate but was now being moved into a position where I would do all paralegal work, not just Real Estate. I decided to enroll because I needed a crash course on everything else paralegal.

This by no means is a crash course, but that was my intention—to dig in and learn quickly. I am currently employed as a paralegal at Brann, Williams, Caldwell & Blaney, and have been for a little over three years. This course has already helped me progress in my abilities and skills here in my current workplace.

The online student center made it very easy for me to work the program and still be a full-time employee, mother to three, and a wife. I was able to work at my own pace and still enjoy life and all of its chaos. The online portal opened after each payment, which allowed me to stay on top of my studies, but also allowed me to set a schedule. I graduated early as well because I was able to work at my own pace at any time, day or night.

I would give my overall experience an A+. Being able to access online materials at any time and email with the information center has been a huge help in my success. Lastly, being able to take courses without financial aid was a huge help and a lot less hassle for myself as a student. I am looking forward to taking more classes and would definitely recommend Blackstone.

– Justine Wolf


May Student Spotlight – Emilia Buono

I have been working at a law office and I found myself needing educational instructions to get better at my job. When I took this program I was hoping to find crucial information and samples.

Now that I finished, I can say that I feel more confident, I learn more information than I thought I needed, and I discovered different aspects of the legal field that I am now interested in.

The program is interactive and easy for people who work during the day. The modules and lessons are long enough to understand an important subject. As a foreign student, I feel very lucky to have my diploma and a review of my resume and cover letter.

– Emilia Buono


April Student Spotlight – Lauri Labree

The reason I took the Legal Assistant/Paralegal course is that I have a dear friend who is incarcerated with a wrongful conviction. I’m very interested in working on wrongful conviction cases, and I started working at a law firm the first month of the year.

The online student center is a great way to connect with others in the field and to discuss current topics through the discussion forum. 

My overall experience with Blackstone was terrific, and I would recommend them and this course to anyone looking to start a new career in legal studies. I am looking to continue my studies with Blackstone in the future. The course touched on every topic of law and was very thorough in explaining those topics. 

– Lauri Labree



March Student Spotlight – James Weber

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice in 2017, and I got my Real Estate License in 2021. While building my brand as a realtor, I also wanted to further my knowledge, and  I realized I could become a Real Estate Paralegal! I planned to use both my knowledge of Law from my Bachelor’s Degree and my knowledge from studying Real Estate!

So then I started to look at increasing my chances of landing a job as a Real Estate Paralegal, found I could study Real Estate Law from Blackstone Career Institute, and received a certification! After finishing the course, I landed a new job at a law firm and started the following week!

Blackstone Career Institute was super user-friendly, and the staff was always available when I called. The online user center was easy to navigate, and they provided all the tools I needed to finish the course in 2 months! I was able to go at my own pace which I loved. 

– James Weber


February Student Spotlight – Katie Bottom

My name is Dr. Katie, and I am a physical therapist in Illinois. I took the Medical Billing & Coding career training program for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to get to know more about the details of both the billing and the coding parts of the medical field, to become better with my own documentation.

I also wanted to have the opportunity to work remotely in the healthcare field in the evenings, on weekends, and on days I am out of the clinic myself. I am not good at being bored, so why not work a few extra hours here and there helping patients and clinics get reimbursed services they need. Quality of life improves with great healthcare! 

The Blackstone course was easy to navigate, and I enjoyed taking the courses to get my certificate. I feel fully prepared to pursue the licensure exam. Anytime I had a question or needed to communicate an idea, the online student center was efficient and informative in response.

I highly recommend Blackstone Career Institute as a way to further your educational needs! 

– Katie Bottom

January Student Spotlight – Christy Hayter

I looked into several courses for paralegal studies before deciding on Blackstone Career Institute as my school. I loved the fact that it was self-paced and completely online. I am an above average reader with strong comprehension skills, and sometimes that makes a structured learning setting a little more difficult for me. Cost was also a deciding factor for me, as I had been out of work for some time. Cost was an issue, and this course was within my budget.

I found the online student center very easy to navigate. It offered a lot of additional information and helped me keep track of my grades and where I was within the program. I loved that I could study whenever I wanted whether it was 5 pm or 3 am. The course itself was very informative and easy to understand. The open book testing makes it nice when you come across a question you are having trouble with. I set my goal of completing the course in a few months, and with the convenience of online study I was able to meet that goal. I would download the textbooks, read the textbooks, then test online. I already had been working in the real estate field and with real estate and probate attorneys, so I had some familiarity with much of what I was learning, which I believe is also what helped me reach my goal.

Any time I had a question or concern I would reach out via email. I always received a quick response. I am very grateful to the student services and instructors for their timely answers and assistance. I work independently now helping others who are financially struggling with completing the needed paperwork for their cases. I also independently do research for some small law firms. My overall goal is to eventually work with the ACLU, and I believe that Blackstone Career Institute has given me the tools to help me work towards this goal.

I am extremely grateful this program is out here for people like me and can’t put into words the appreciation I have for this school. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn and be part of your program at BCI.

– Christy Hayter




December Student Spotlight – Felicia Howard

I recently completed the Medical Billing and Coding program at Blackstone Career Institute. As a military spouse, establishing a career can be tricky while moving around. When I heard about this program, I became excited knowing that not only was it online and self-paced, but it would set me up with a foundation for a portable career.

Since I am not employed, I was able to focus and finish in 9 months! The Online Student Center is well organized and easy to follow for completion of course readings, assignments, and exams. Overall, I would recommend Blackstone for anyone wanting to start a portable career. With several paths to choose from and the 100% online platform, it’s a convenient way to reach your goals.

– Felicia Howard




November Student Spotlight – Kevin Rogers

During the pandemic, my twin brother Keith and I decided to go back to school, as employment opportunities were changing, and I had just lost two jobs. With arthritis and being past middle age, I decided I needed a “thinking job” and planned on getting educated in the business field. I enrolled in an accounting certificate course through a community college and the Paralegal program with Blackstone Career Institute. I was accepted to Law School during the Pandemic but decided against it. My choice was BCI’s Paralegal Program. When I heard about the Inmate Paralegal Program, I was impressed. BCI is helping to change lives in our communities. That was the “magic” that solidified my decision to enroll with BCI. The course materials were high quality, and I purchased the entire set of law books from BCI. When I came down with Covid, I decided to be a fighter and studied with my brother in quarantine. He was studying social work and had legal questions that I looked up for him. We both came down with Covid-Pneumonia and my brother was admitted to the hospital with low oxygen. He passed away, but he told me to never give up and be strong. Blackstone offered me an extension for my studies during the grieving process and treated me as family.

I am currently seeking employment in paralegal or business environments. I am a member of the American Patient Rights Association (APRA) and plan on volunteering remotely with them. In addition, during my studies I became actively involved with the Animal Legal Defense Fund and also completed Justice U, Human Trafficking Awareness & Strategy Certification. I am a member with The American Center for Law & Justice and The International Bar Association. My educational experience with BCI was professional and suited for me, an older student with an interest in the law. I believe I made one of the best choices in my life: enrolling with BCI. I know that this legal education will help me in the workforce and in my personal life as well. 

– Kevin Rogers


October Student Spotlight – Monique Adams

I decided to take the Paralegal Courses through Blackstone back in 2021, in the heart of the pandemic. I was already fully employed at a Bankruptcy Law firm. However, when the pandemic hit, our hours were cut from 40 hours a week to 16 hours a week. This left me with a lot of time and not a lot of funds. My employer advised everyone that if we further our education in any way, we would be compensated for it. Seeing that our hours were already cut, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to go back to school.

When I was on my search for what school I would attend, I kept running into financial issues. A lot of different programs did not have affordable programs that at the time. Then, I came across Blackstone Career Institute. They offered the most reasonable tuition plan that fit my budget. Blackstone also has the Online Student Center, which allowed me to go at my own pace. This was something I needed at the time, not knowing when I would go back to full-time at work. My overall experience with Blackstone has been amazing. I am a proud graduate of Blackstone Career Institute, and I would not change this journey if I could. Thanks again Blackstone Career Institute!

– Monique Adams


September Student Spotlight – Christopher Coty

I am a first-year student, studying to work in the Substance Abuse/Health & Human Services field. I was seeking the personal characteristics required to work directly with a wide array of people. Thankfully, I discovered Blackstone Career Institute and enrolled in their Leadership Skills course. I found the Online Student Center quite simple to navigate. The curriculum was broken down into five separate, easy-to-follow units, each ending with its own multiple-choice exam.

Through completing this course, I learned a wide range of the necessities I sought to better shape my communication skills and overall character. Some of the skills are as simple as personal organization, but I learned everything right up to managing an entire corporation. BCI empowered me and gave me the confidence I was hoping to obtain upon enrolling. I would suggest this course to any person, no matter what their career field, simply because there are many useful techniques taught to help shape an individual’s character and to award a level of excellence in professionalism. I plan to enroll in another course through BCI in the very near future!

– Christopher Coty


August Student Spotlight – Susan Mroczkiewicz

I searched for an online course in Medical Transcription that I could take as preparation for my upcoming retirement from the healthcare field.  I was looking for an accredited program with a good history in education.  I was lucky to find Blackstone Career Institute.  This program was exactly what I was looking for and  more.  I was very impressed by the content of the course.  It gave me what I needed as far as learning typing skills as well as refreshing my medical terminology and grammar without getting bogged down in content that wasn’t useful in the field.  The quizzes and exams were to the point on each question.  Blackstone picked the important aspects and that is what they tested on. 

This course also offered tips on creating a professional resume and reminders on proper etiquette during an interview.   Blackstone’s Student service advisors are great at replying to emails with any questions you may have.  They have been extremely helpful.  I recently graduated, July 2022.  I already have several different job leads that I am pursuing and I am confident that I will get an offer soon.  I am very satisfied with the training I received through Blackstone Career Institute, it was money well spent.

– Susan Mroczkiewicz



March Student Spotlight – Rojonah Harris

My name is Rojonah Harris and I am proud to be a graduate of BCI. My journey started when I had gone to federal prison in 2018. I went to prison for tax fraud and was ashamed of my mistakes. I wanted to make a difference from within, and started my journey assisting those that couldn’t afford counsel with motions to the courts. The feeling I had gotten seeing that it actually worked was overwhelming. During my incarceration, I could not afford to pay for tuition although it was affordable, but I promised myself that I would do it the minute I had gotten home seeing that so many had bragged about the program.  

I was released in March of 2020 and started my program in April. I went through several hurdles and up and downs, it was certainly worth it and made a tremendous difference in my life for the better of me as a woman, mother, sister, daughter and human being. Today, I own my own document prep firm. I no longer have the fear of failing. Blackstone saved my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Rojonah Harris




February Student Spotlight – Miranda Moore Sewell

Miranda Moore Sewell Student Spotlight

I decided to pursue Blackstone’s Paralegal Program in order to improve my career outcome. I am currently the Committees Coordinator and Member Benefits Coordinator at the State Bar of Texas where I work with many lawyers across Texas. I am considering pursuing law school, so I thought gaining my Paralegal certificate would give me a great foundation to my career in law. Additionally, Blackstone’s Paralegal Program was recommended by my sister, who had recently completed the program and is working as a Paralegal, and my mother, who also received her Paralegal certificate from Blackstone (many years ago) and has had a successful career in the field of law for more than 40 years (it’s a family tradition!). The online student center was streamlined and well organized. I felt that the material was very thorough and will be helpful in future opportunities. I thought it was wonderful that Blackstone would check in with me periodically, and I appreciated the personal touch from the Student Services Advisor. Because of my experience with Blackstone, I may continue to pursue advanced paralegal certificates in the future.

– Miranda Moore Sewell





December Student Spotlight – Maria Milonakis


I am so happy that I decided to change my career to the paralegal and legal industry. I have done collections since 1995 but have always been fascinated with the legal field. I knew I needed to make a change to find a career that truly made me happy and to make the body that I deserve to make. Blackstone Career Institute’s paralegal program it’s truly amazing. The coursework was so easy to read. The online student center and resources were so helpful. The instructors were quick to answer any questions I had. I learned a lot about every facet including the history of the law. There were many facets that were intriguing to me. I am interested in pursuing a career as a corporate Paralegal. I loved how the course covered all the necessary sections on the different types of law, amendments, statutes, and the constitution. I am so grateful to have completed my schooling with the Blackstone Career Institute. I can’t wait to achieve my goals and dreams. I have recommended your program to several people. Thank you again for allowing me to find my new career.

– Maria Milonakis





October Student Spotlight – Cindy Hamilton



I have worked in the real estate and corporate departments of a large law for 30+ years as a legal secretary and did some paralegal work. I took an early retirement package, but I still wanted to work. I am currently employed with a Transportation Company as a paralegal. The corporate world is a little different than a law firm, so I decided to enroll in Blackstone when I saw that they offered the Legal Assistant/Paralegal program, I wanted to broaden my horizons to other facets of law besides real estate and corporate law. The online student center was very helpful. Many resources are available including videos of actual law classes, a chat board where people ask questions or put things they have learned that came in very handy for me. I like to take notes and highlight, so I purchased the textbooks, but you can also do everything online. The courses are very thorough. My advice, go with your gut, don’t second guess yourself, your first answer is usually right I was very pleased with Blackstone Career Institute, the people were very helpful, always answered my questions and I would highly recommend Blackstone Center Institute.

– Cindy Hamilton




September Student Spotlight – Coretta Yeadon



In 2019, I had just relocated to England with my husband on military orders and I was looking for a new career.
An opportunity came up to study to become a paralegal and I decided becoming a paralegal would give me a flexible career as I move around the world every 3-4 years. Currently, I work for a university as an admissions counselor, but I am preparing to pursue a career as a paralegal as I move to my next base in 2022. Overall the Online Student Center was very helpful, easy to navigate, and provided great reading material to help me understand the concepts and the quizzes help reinforced my understanding.

– Coretta Yeadon





August Student Spotlight – Tabitha Curry-Bey


T. Curry-Bey

I was newly promoted to a Store Manager with my current employer. My reason for taking the leadership course was because I really wanted to make a difference with my team by being a great listener, provide good feedback, and managing my time effectively. Blackstone allowed me to do so by offering online courses at which I could take at my own pace because working in retail my hours are not your traditional 9-5 hours. Not only was the course affordable, but I also had access to the online student center which was a really big help and user-friendly. I was so please with my overall experience I’m already thinking about which class to take next. Today I received my diploma in the mail, words cannot express how proud and accomplished I feel. If you’re considering enhancing your skills you should give Blackstone a call.  They will treat you right.

– Tabitha Curry-Bey






July Student Spotlight – Susan Trentlage


I took this course because the field I chose when I got my bachelor’s degree is not one I will work in again. With this Medical Billing & Coding program, I’ll be able to make good money from home with reasonable hours! I have not started working yet because I am in charge of my daughter’s virtual school during these Covid times, but I plan to start as soon as I am able. The Online Student Center was really easy to use and had many helpful resources. Any time I had a question about anything, the people working in student services at Blackstone were helpful and kind, and they always responded promptly.

– Susan Trentlage







June Student Spotlight – Safiyyah Khaliq


My interest in taking the Medical Billing and Coding class was to further my education in the medical field from a different angle. Having been a CNA for over 20 years, I figured it would be perfect to see how hospitals and doctors got paid and why sometimes I would get a bill. I researched and read a lot of stories from students from different schools, but what Blackstone had to offer was by far the best choice for me and my budget! I must admit the information was very easy to follow even through the pandemic. The staff and instructors were very understanding in this matter and told me what my options were and I was truly grateful! I would definitely highly recommend Blackstone to anyone who wants to further their education on a budget.

– Safiyyah Khaliq





May Student Spotlight – Alicia Fitzgerald-Terry


My reason for taking the Family Law for Paralegals course was to give myself some elevation in my paralegal career. At the time of enrollment I was a stay at home mom. Now that I have completed my studies with Blackstone Career Institute, it has given me the motivation to start my freelance paralegal career. Blackstone Career Institute has a very easy to use online student center. My favorite features are the chat and discussion board. The administrative team was extremely attentive, they were there to answer any questions I may have had. They care about your progress and they want to help you succeed. I also enjoyed being able to finance my studies on my own through Blackstone Career Institute’s payment plan, in addition to being able to adjust my studies to fit my schedule. I definitely see myself returning to Blackstone Career Institute in the future should I choose to further my paralegal education.

– Alicia Fitzgerald-Terry




April Student Spotlight – Tessy Armah


Tessy Armah Blackstone student spotlight

I graduated from Blackstone Career Institute in 2017 with a paralegal certificate which helped me understand and perform my job better. In 2021, I graduated with a Personal Injury / Torts certificate. I presently work for Geico as a personal injury paralegal. The reason I took this course is that it covers everything I do as a paralegal in my position and covers the steps you take to get medical records, ask for evidence, and discovery. I can say that since I took the course I recently received a promotion and an acknowledgment from my employer. I am very pleased with the entire staff of Blackstone Career Institute; the online Student Center is very easy to navigate and extremely resourceful. My experience with Blackstone has been pleasant and I can say that because of the knowledge I have acquired from taking the personal injury/torts course. I encourage you to enroll in Blackstone Career Institute and start investing in your career.

– Tessy Armah




March Student Spotlight – Ross Orta


Ross Orta Blackstone Student Spotlight

Greetings, friends. If you’re like me, living on a budget, but decided to continue your legal education (or even begin your paralegal training), Blackstone Career Institute is likely the best option available for you. Being a former student of other educational institutions, my overall experience with Blackstone has been, and remains, unmatched by any other. I decided to enroll in Blackstone’s civil litigation program in order to raise my chances of being hired as a paralegal. I previously attended a paralegal class at a university. Being unable to complete the class as a result of unforeseeable circumstances, I had to withdraw from the class. Of course with my paralegal training being incomplete at the time, I couldn’t find employment as an entry-level paralegal. With its affordable course, Blackstone has given me the know-how to successfully litigate as a civil litigation paralegal, and thus, the confidence to present myself as a knowledgeable paralegal to a potential employer. Thank you, Blackstone!

– Ross Orta






January Student Spotlight – RandiLynn Rodriguez


I entered into the paralegal course here at Blackstone Career Institute, While attending BCI I was able to start my career as a legal secretary with the county attorney’s office, with the flexible hours I was able to maintain my full time position and finish my course in paralegal studies. The resources available helped with questions and concerns I had even after hours I was able to email and receive a response within hours to the next morning. The resources and course study was well organized and I was able to retain the course outline, quizzes, and the homework assignments. Overall I highly recommend anyone looking to further their career, education, or advance their study in the advanced paralegal courses.

– RandiLynn Rodriguez










December Student Spotlight – Christine Avelares


C. Avelares student spotlight

As a single mom of 2 boys ages 12 and 13, it wasn’t easy for me to go back to school while being a parent and working full-time. A friend of mine recommended Blackstone Career Institute and I figured I would give it a try. I have been slowly getting my certifications in the medical field because although I work in a law firm now, my goal is to take my certifications and land a job in a hospital. I was excited to learn that Blackstone offered a Medical Billing and Coding program. I signed up that same day and began my classes. I loved how easy it was to get my work done. I was able to work at my own pace which was perfect. After working all day and getting the kids to bed, I would spend a couple of hours at night studying in my classes. I think it was awesome that anytime I had a question or concern about something, I was able to email the school and they always got back to me quickly. I never waited more than 1 day for a response. Overall, I had a wonderful experience with them and I would definitely do another program with Blackstone.

– Christine Avelares




November Student Spotlight – Krystal Imbraguglio


I decided to take this course to help me in my fight to save my husband, who is wrongfully incarcerated. I have an extensive Legal Secretary history on my resume, but this was not enough to have lawyers take me seriously. My husband has been wrongfully incarcerated for 16 years on a life sentence. No one on this planet will fight for his freedom the way I will. This course and certificate have given me the credentials I needed to be taken seriously. I’m not viewed as a fanatical wife anymore, people respect me as a legal professional.

I am not currently employed by a firm, but I am a member of multiple national and local paralegal associations. I get job offers weekly. Blackstone not only prepared me for my future; they provided a structured support system that helped me every step of the way. Whenever I needed assistance, even during the pandemic, I was met with a prompt response and respect. Being a single mother to 3 children under the age of 6 I never thought I would be able to graduate. The flexibility of this program was perfect for my hectic lifestyle.

I have never been so proud of an accomplishment. Thank you Blackstone for helping me make my dreams come true. With the knowledge I obtained from this program, I have found many issues within my husbands case that I can bring before the court for a new trial. I could not do that without the education I received. I am forever grateful for this program.

– Krystal Imbraguglio



October Student Spotlight – Tina Hunter


Tina Hunter

I had always wanted to take a Paralegal course but most of the schools were very expensive. One day I came across Blackstone Career Institute. After looking at the course and all the success stories, I felt this was the best school for me as well as the affordable tuition price. Because the course was online, it gave me the flexibility that I needed. Instructors were always available to me when I needed assistance. I’m currently a Court Deputy Clerk at a Family Court this course help me to increase my knowledge and skills so that I can apply them to my current job. I plan to take my Certification exam with NALS and enroll in the Continuing Education Family Law Course. My overall experience was great and I would highly recommend Blackstone.

– Tina Hunter






September Student Spotlight – Gelisa Christian


I decided to take the paralegal course because I always wanted to have experience in law but did not want to go to law school. Law school was to expensive and required more time than I had available. I am currently employed as a licensed social worker and have been looking to try another field for a few years now so I chose BCI. I did research on many schools before making my decision. The reviews from BCI’s program were great including the ones about gaining employment after completion. The online student center was easy to use but provided a guide if you needed any help. It allowed me to view my class, my grade and even make payments. It had everything I needed in one space which is important when attending online school. I love that BCI was self-paced which allowed me to work on my own schedule and when I didn’t log in for a while someone would reach out to check on me. The modules made the course material easier to understand. I especially loved the use of Lexis Nexis. I feel fully prepared for my career as a paralegal thanks to BCI.

– Gelisa Christian






August Student Spotlight – Marc Galli


M Galli

The paralegal training I received from Blackstone Career Institute was unrivaled and monumental in my career development. Thank you for your paralegal training program! The instruction I received was excellent. I work in the industry for the Law Offices of Jacob E. Colgrove in Naples, Florida, and have worked there for the past nine months. The firm consists of one trial attorney and I serve as his legal assistant. My daily operations are critical to the firm and Blackstone Career Institute’s paralegal certification program has enabled me to be my best in this position. I took the paralegal certification course because I needed additional training to do my job properly and this course has improved me tremendously.

I came from the information technology industry and conducted business in Naples specializing in computer repair and training and served primarily residential and small business clients. I serviced the computers for the law firm for years and became intrigued by the business and decided to change my primary career. The firm I work for specializes in civil law primarily handling divorce and probate and every day is exciting and new.

Blackstone Career Institute’s paralegal training program was extremely comprehensive and intense. Still, the student services advisor was always there for me to answer my questions and response was always extremely fast. The online student center was engaging and a healthy mix of reading, periodic testing, video training, and long-response written assignments. I will highly recommend Blackstone Career Institute to anyone interested in, or already in, a legal profession. This course from Blackstone has expanded my outlook and greatly improved my employability.

– Marc Galli




July Student Spotlight – Stephanie Zoller

I am currently undergoing a divorce and will be trying to get back into the work force; I haven’t worked since 2007. I have a Bachelor’s in Biology, so the Blackstone’s Medical Billing Course was a perfect fit for me. Blackstone’s Online Student Center has been a wonderful resource for me. If they didn’t know the answer to my question (which they usually did), they would research my question and get back to me very quickly. As a 55 year old that hasn’t worked in 13 years, my computer skills were not up to speed. The whole Blackstone Course was easy to follow, with a step-by-step explanation of how to reach my next study goal. I would highly recommend Blackstone Career Institute for anyone that wants to advance their career (or re-advance in my case). Their staff provided me with the helping hands I needed. Thank you Blackstone Career Institute!

– Stephanie Zoller






June Student Spotlight – Ashley JohnsAshley Johns

I am writing back in reference to my recent graduation from the medical billing and coding course. I wanted to express my gratitude for the opportunity that had been afforded to me to take this course and the pleasant experience I had while going through it. I originally began this course because I had previously been in the medical field as a CNA but much rather enjoyed the admin side. Plus to opportunity to potentially stay home with my young children was the main bonus. I currently work in an ambulatory orthopedic facility and love how this course has helped me with the preliminary coding of procedures, understanding how to get the codes from office notes, H&P’s and other documents also ensuring the procedure is billed out correctly after the procedure is done. Working closely with insurance companies based on codes for authorization is another thing I believe this course has prepared me for in a way. I am very grateful. Throughout the course, the online center was great. Easy to navigate and find everything I needed, from discussion forms to grades. And response times of administration was great within the forms which made getting answers quite easy. I’d say my overall experience with Blackstone Career Institute has been amazing. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. It has been a blessing to go through this program and I am so excited for what my medical career will blossom into. And it all started with Blackstone. Thank you Blackstone Career Institute for creating a way for people to gain access to courses to help start a new career at a reasonable price, easy to use systems and an amazing staff that is so friendly and helpful. I am forever grateful!

– Ashley Johns




May Student Spotlight – Beth NaegerB. Naeger student spotlight

I took the Wills and Trusts course because I received my Paralegal Certificate a few months ago through online courses with University of Central Missouri. The course for the certificate, however, focused on personal litigation and I was looking at finding a career with estate planning because that had always interested me. I had no prior legal experience and I was worried that even though I had my Paralegal Certificate now, no one would hire me because I had experience only in insurance sales. I was lucky enough to land an interview with a law firm in St. Louis and made a deal with the Owner of the law firm that if they hired me I would take courses to better understand Estate Law. I’m happy to say I landed a job with the law firm and part of my contract was to complete the course within 6 months and Blackstone Career Institute made it very easy. I’m also a mother to three children and a wife, so spare time is sparse, but the course was easy to fit into my busy schedule and I was able to complete it within a couple of months. The Online Student Center was also great, providing information and study guides to help me along the way. I always received responses in a timely matter and even received encouraging emails from the Staff motivating me to work harder. It was a great program that is completely attainable for anyone to further their studies or to learn something new.

– Beth Naeger




April Student Spotlight – Julia WilliamsJulia Williams student spotlight

I recently completed the Practical Bankruptcy Law Certificate course at Blackstone Career Institute (BCI). Though I have been working in the bankruptcy department at my current employer, this course awakened my understanding of what it is I do daily. The attorney I work for requested the legal secretaries to take this course. Despite my hesitancy, I’m grateful for being enrolled. The amount of time needed to get through the lessons worked congruently with my full-time work schedule. I read through the material, completed the self-checks and chapter review exams without feeling overwhelmed. There were many resources available in Blackstone’s Online Student Center to help successfully achieve the goals for this course. I appreciated knowing how I fared on the exams immediately after completing to make me aware of my study habits—whether I needed to study harder or spend more time in specific areas. BCI responded quickly to any questions or concerns which further affirmed the decision to choose taking this course with them. Overall, my experience was great, and I would recommend the Practical Bankruptcy Law course with BCI to anyone looking to gain in-depth knowledge of the processes, laws, and procedures—from the foundation to the current state—involved in bankruptcy. Having completed this course, I firmly believe I am capable and qualified to fulfill the requirements of my job more effectively.

– Julia Williams




March Student Spotlight – Wendy Emerson Long

I decided to take this online course at Blackstone Career Institute as I was looking for an accredited course that would help me in my career goals and continuing my education in medical billing and coding, as my position as referral coordinator and prior auth required me to understand more detailed aspects of coding and billing. This course helped for several reasons, as it allowed me the flexibility to complete it while continuing to work full time.  Additionally, if some aspects of the course were familiar to me, I was able to spend less time on those areas while keying in on areas that I wanted or needed more specifics on. This was great as I was able to individualize chapters as I continued the course. This was also much more budget-friendly than taking a college course, as I was not able to do that at this time. Thank you for offering this course, it worked out great for me.

– Wendy Emerson Long





February Student Spotlight – Devon Fountaine

I completed the Legal Assistant/Paralegal course in July of this year, and what an experience! After working for my firm for a year, I decided I wanted to become more knowledgeable about the position of paralegal. After a month of researching, I chose Blackstone Career Institute to accomplish this. Blackstone fulfilled my expectations by covering all the areas necessary for a rounded education. Blackstone gave the required hours to sit for both the NALS and the NALA certification tests. I felt the required amount of time to complete the training was perfect, and the cost was reasonable-I was sold! I immediately began enjoying the courses. The material covered was extensive and easy to understand. My learning homepage was set up in a very user-friendly way. I greatly enjoyed the extra resources; the videos, the vocabulary exercises, and the different blogs and law reviews. What I have found most helpful was the extensive coverage of legal research. I have already been able to use this skill to provide my supervising attorney with many cases and secondary materials that have been pivotal in a couple of different cases. I have already used the skills I learned with Blackstone to come up with another cause of action in a complaint that my supervising attorney was working on. This never would have happened if not for the vast wealth of knowledge I have obtained through Blackstone. I feel like a different employee now that I have completed my training. I have become much more valuable, and I greatly enjoy the opportunity to put to use the many things I have learned. Thank you for such an incredible opportunity. I recommend this program to anyone and everyone looking to further their education as a paralegal! You won’t be disappointed.

– Devon Fountaine



January Student Spotlight – Delita Rhymer

Taking this affordable Medical Billing & Coding course was the beginning of my new life. Thank you Blackstone for making it easy. I took this course to qualify for a position at my local hospital, which required taking a Medical Billing and Coding course before consideration. I will be applying first thing in the morning! The self-paced model of the course worked for me, as I don’t do well with “micro-management”. Breaking the payment down into bite-size pieces instead of a lump sum made this decision so much easier! Thank you!

– Delita Rhymer






December Student Spotlight – Amber Kolmetz

I began looking into Paralegal Programs to increase my knowledge and marketability and to further my career.  After researching several programs in my state, I gravitated towards Blackstone due to the legal practice areas covered and the extensiveness of the coursework.  My final decision to continue my education with Blackstone was made when I discovered I would receive a Paralegal Certificate in addition to the opportunity to sit for exams to become a Certified Paralegal.  Currently, I am entering my tenth (10th) year of working in the legal field as a legal assistant/paralegal.  In addition to my work experience, I feel by completing this program, I have greatly increased my marketability.  Through this program, I feel that I have gained an immense amount of knowledge that has made me more efficient in my paralegal duties, accurately anticipate the needs of my attorney and our clients, and better educate and train my assistant and law clerks not only on the how-to but the why.  I feel that this program was well worth my time and the cost; I am very pleased that I choose Blackstone to further my education and career.  The fact that the coursework is online made it easier to fit the work into my schedule.  I found Blackstone’s Online Student Center to be very well organized and easy to navigate. Blackstone’s instructors were all extremely helpful and encouraging.  Overall, I had a very enjoyable experience with Blackstone.  Shall I ever decide to continue my education further, Blackstone will be the first place I look into. 

– Amber Kolmetz




November Student Spotlight – Megan LaFrenais

I have been working in the Legal Field since 2004 and took Blackstone’s Paralegal Course in 2008/2009 to increase my salary in the litigation law firm I was working for. In 2010 I had my first child and in 2011 my second. I became a stay at home mom and decided to return to the legal field in late 2018. I was not getting jobs, I was told in interviews that I was outdated, or out of the game for too long. I applied for a job at a Real Estate law firm and got it! The only thing was, I had not the first clue about Real Estate Law! There was no question about it, I needed to take some Real Estate Law courses and fast. I reached out to Blackstone and signing up for this course was so easy and I hit the ground running. According this regarding to gambling casino laws in USA that Everything about Blackstone was so easy. From signing on to Vitalsource to read the course material to the Online Student Center to take exams everything about this course was great. I am so happy I chose Blackstone to further my education. 

– Megan LaFrenais




October Student Spotlight – Patty Nieves

When I began looking for courses to take I was researching what my best option would be to help me along in my career. At the time I was unemployed and decided to make a career change. I was unsuccessful in pursuing my current career so I went and looked at the medical field, which possesses more opportunities. Being unemployed I looked at work at home opportunities and researching I found that as a medical transcriptionist that would help me get a start. As a military spouse, I looked for universities or institutions that were military friendly and Blackstone Career Institute popped up several times in my research. Not only did they have several courses, but getting assistance quickly helped me get moving on getting started in the Medical Transcription course. After some time I landed a medical job and the course was exceptionally helpful with the duties I acquired. Although I haven’t pursued a higher position yet, I am happy I was able to take the course and have the advantage to grasp my duties with ease. I am looking to take another course at BCI because the company I work for hires within and has many opportunities in a wide variety of areas from a caregiver to financial. I would definitely recommend BCI because the courses are well designed, instructed by specialists in the field, the materials are readily accessible, you can work at your own pace, and you gain current and up to date information that helps you succeed. I am totally satisfied and happy with my decision. Thanks to BCI I gained knowledge to help me with my current job and will also be able to utilize that knowledge for other opportunities as they become available.

– Patty Nieves




September Student Spotlight – Cortney Keenan

I decided to take the online vet assistant course through Blackstone Career Institute because I was switching careers and needed the knowledge for my new career. I am currently employed at a nonprofit spay and neuter clinic for cats and dogs. The online program gave me the flexibility that I needed to be able to work a full-time job, be a full-time mom and still complete my coursework. The online student center was very user-friendly and all assignments were easy to complete based on the materials given online. The vet assistant program gave me the knowledge that I needed to be successful in my new job. My overall experience with Blackstone Career Institute was wonderful and I would recommend this program and Institute to anyone looking for a great online school that will allow them to work and go to school at the same time.

– Cortney Keenan





August Student Spotlight – Elizabeth Stehr

I wanted to take this course because I have always wanted to become a paralegal. It has been my dream since I was younger. I love working with people and in law. I used to work for the courts in my home state in the magistrate’s department and I always found it very interesting. Right now I am not working in the field. I wanted to finish my studies before I started looking for a position as a paralegal. I think online courses were really easy. I liked that it was easy to understand and follow. Blackstone Career Institute is an amazing institution. I plan on taking more classes online to continue my education in the paralegal field. I truly enjoyed studying the paralegal program. I even suggested this school to a friend of mine who wants to continue her education as well. Thank you so much for a great experience. I will definitely be coming back for more studies!!

– Elizabeth Stehr





July Student Spotlight – Leon Garcia

First and foremost I thank Blackstone for giving an opportunity to those adults that did not take advantage of the college experience immediately after high school, allowing us, of that group, to yet thrive for the betterment of their lives and pursuit of happiness. When I started the paralegal program admittedly I was skeptical of the quality an online legal certificate could provide given the vast intricacies of such a subject. I was pleased to learn how wonderfully detailed the coursework was, however. Starting with the foundations of law in the early 1000s with the introduction to the “feudal system”, thereafter, progressing all the way to the very constitutions we follow today. The topics were thorough in detail and diligently comprehensive in text. As I progressed through the coursework, I found myself “connecting the dots” of the legal system holistically and its role in my life today. I took this course with the ambitions of understanding the basics of law as I aspire to law school in my home state, at the University of New Mexico. Though it is not the most prestigious of law schools, it proves itself worthy of the connotations prescribed to such schooling, thus, making a general understanding of the law a necessary prerequisite. I plan to find a position in a local law firm or the state of NM to get some practice in before going to law school as I do not yet possess a bachelor’s degree. The practice, I am sure, would only put me a step ahead in the understanding of the processes of litigation and critical thinking of legal situations.

Thank you again all faculty and members of Blackstone, this will never be forgotten!

– Leon Garcia




June Student Spotlight – Nikki Holmes

My name is Nikki and I just turned 45 years old this year. When I was told that I needed to take this course as part of my job requirement as a new Title Researcher I can honestly say I was a little bit nervous. The reason being is that I haven’t been in school since I became a teenage mother and graduated high school. I was afraid of what I should expect from the online course and looking at the coursebook I was overwhelmed initially, but using the study guide which broke it down chapter for chapter made it so much easier with the end of chapter exams and the pre exams when it came time to take my actual exam. Even though the course covered more than the scope of my job it was very informative and after taking the Real Estate Law course that my employer paid for I am seriously thinking about taking another course even though I would be paying for it myself because I see now you’re never too old to go back to school. If I do it little by little course by course it won’t be so bad and it will also prepare me and help to broaden my career opportunities should I decide to expand my horizons in the future. Thank you Blackstone Career Institute for making this course easy to understand and giving me the tools I needed to pass each exam and I am proud to say on the first attempt my lowest score being a 90%.

– Nikki Holmes






May Student Spotlight – Gretchen Ward

My experience with Blackstone was phenomenal-it exceeded every expectation I had. I took the Legal Assistant/Paralegal course to gain credentials at my current job. I currently work as an administrative assistant for our contracts team, but I hope this certification helps me work my way up to a Paralegal.  Blackstone was a great option for me, I was still able to work 40 hours a week, and gain a great education at my own pace. I look forward to taking one of the advanced paralegal courses in the near future! 

– Gretchen Ward






April Student Spotlight – Melissa Bridges

The reason I started the Medical Transcription course was that I was very unhappy with my former job and wanted to be proactive in getting a career with a higher skill level and better financial security. I have been very pleased with my experience at BCI. It was very easy to get help when needed and the course was easy to follow. I am currently looking for employment and hoping to get my accreditation through AHDI soon to be a Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist. I would definitely recommend BCI to anyone who is looking to further their knowledge or career path.

– Melissa Bridges







February Student Spotlight – Clarissa Shepherd

I am an Army spouse and used MyCAA benefits to fund my education with Blackstone.  My experience was great. The material was very helpful and provided a lot of information without overloading. I took this course because I plan on pursuing my Physical Therapy Assistant Degree with hopes of becoming a Physical Therapist within the next 5-8 years. I am currently not employed but I am hoping that will change in the new year.

– Clarissa Shepherd






January Student Spotlight – Jennie OwenStudent Spotlight - J. Owen

My experience with Blackstone Career Institute was by far an enjoyable learning experience.  The Paralegal program has provided me with invaluable practical skills and knowledge that has by far helped me further my career in the legal world.  By taking this course online, I was able to focus on my career, my family and therefore studying at my own pace to get the most out of my classes.    I was hired in July 2014 as a secretary in a small law office however with my education I have received and the knowledge I have gained through this program I am now a paralegal with the same firm. I received a small increase in my pay but most importantly, I have gained self-confidence and skills that have helped me flourish in this fast-paced demanding field. I was hired in July 2014 as a secretary in a small law office however with my education I have received and the knowledge I have gained through this program I am now a paralegal with the same firm. I received a small increase in my pay but most importantly, I have gained self-confidence and skills that have helped me flourish in this fast-paced demanding field.

– Jennie Owen




December Student Spotlight – Ashley Traser

Once I graduated high school I was at a loss of what I wanted to do with my life. I had decided to go down the path that my father (who passed away when I was 12) wanted me to do and always knew I’d be great at it. I enrolled at Blackstone and was very excited, but I found the motivation I knew I could complete it if I put my mind to it. Once I completed my first course it was smooth sailing from there, I was able to go to school and work at the same time. I now have a job working at a vet and I have Blackstone to thank for that. With the easy online portal and the instructors to help you with any questions, you may have. You all made it easy for me to be able to attend school without the worry about changing my work schedule. I would recommend Blackstone to anyone who is looking for the ease of going to school, while dealing with work and in general life’s responsibilities.

-Ashley Traser





November Student Spotlight – Lavelia Bowman

The completely online experience with Blackstone Career Institute is amazing! All the questions I had about the Advanced Bankruptcy for Paralegals course were answered promptly with great information which led me to enroll in the course. I have been employed as a Paralegal in our law firm for 24 years and have recently taken over responsibility for our Bankruptcy files in which we represent creditors. I took the Advanced Bankruptcy for the Paralegal course because I needed to get up to speed on Bankruptcy procedures quickly so that I could competently assist our attorney with the files. The self-guided course and timeline to complete were exactly what I needed to fit my schedule. I would highly recommend Blackstone Career Institute to anyone seeking to further their education. A wonderful experience for me!

-Lavelia Bowman




October Student Spotlight – Jessie Milton

I must express that it was sure a blessing to become a student at Blackstone Career Institute. My reason for attending this specific institute was because it provided a very flexible process for me to be able to make payments, and also, provided the necessary materials that I needed to learn. I must mention that the staff and team members are extremely helpful. Now that I have completed and graduated from my Paralegal Course, I am currently in the process of establishing my own Legal Assistant business, thanks to Blackstone’s help. Lastly, the staff was very encouraging to me and pushed me to finish my course when I got near the end, which really made a very big impression on me.

-Jessie Milton






September Student Spotlight – William Hempstead Jr.

I really enjoyed taking the Advanced Bankruptcy & Advanced Wills, Trusts & Estates Courses from Blackstone. It definitely is very informative and I have a better understanding of how all the different chapters of bankruptcy work along with the necessary forms that need to be completed. Advanced Wills, Trusts, & Estates definitely help explain the different legal terminology associated with that field. It also helps the paralegal understand the entire probate process. Blackstone has been a tremendous help in my advance Paralegal studies and I have taken all (8) Advanced Blackstone Paralegal courses and highly recommend them.

-William Hempstead Jr.




August Student Spotlight – Kelsey Barton

I chose to start the Blackstone Paralegal course after thorough research because of its remarkable reputation and history of student success. I was in a rut in my career and decided to branch out by studying in a field that was interesting to me. The coursework that Blackstone offered for the Paralegal program was highly informative and professional, compounded with personal study as well as interactive videos and homework assignments. They even offer a space where you can ask questions and talk to other online students working through the program. I found the customer support team always willing and quick to answer any concerns that I had. Now that I am graduated, I not only feel a great sense of accomplishment but also believe more opportunities will be open in my career path.

-Kelsey Barton




July Student Spotlight – Jennifer Cook

BCI has been an excellent option for me. I am a mother of three boys, and I love that I am able to complete my coursework around their schedules. I have now taken two courses through BCI, the paralegal course and the Family Law course. Both were challenging but I learned so much more than I imagined. Additionally, any time I had a question, or needed clarification, between the message boards and emailing the school directly, I had an answer to my question in less than a day. I previously worked in bankruptcy and civil litigation, but family law has always been my passion. I left the firm I was employed with after having my third child, but I always knew when I went back to work I wanted to go into family law. After finishing this course I feel empowered, educated and prepared to take on any client that comes my way. I have no doubt this course will help me secure a paralegal position in this field.

-Jennifer Cook



June Student Spotlight – Jerrod Roland

A new beginning of life began when I enrolled in Blackstone Career Institute to pursue my career as a Paralegal. I had made up my mind that I wanted a better life for me, and for my mom as she suffered for MS – a disease that affects your muscles, and movement. While attending school full-time, I worked a full-time job, and a part-time job to make sure home was taken care of. At times it became rough due to lack of sleep, but I strived because my determination was to become a paralegal and see about my family. With all my hard work I graduated in January 2018. I received an offer as a Paralegal in April 2018, where I now will begin my career. I encourage anyone to stick to it even when it gets rough because it is worth the long nights.

-Jerrod Roland







May Student Spotlight – Sommer Picard

My experience with Blackstone Career Institute has been nothing short of fantastic! I was able to get my certificate programs completed at my own pace, learn valuable knowledge, and excel further in my career. Initially, I completed the Paralegal Certificate program, and most recent follow-up with a specialization course in Family Law. The two of these have helped tremendously in my career and my future goals. I currently work as a Paralegal for a large law firm, and plan to go even further beyond this position in the near future! If someone is looking to move ahead, learn valuable knowledge, and do it all for an affordable cost at their own pace, Blackstone Career Institute is the way to go!

-Sommer Picard






April Student Spotlight – Lorraine Chiverton

I am very happy with the education I received at Blackstone. The material was comprehensive and challenging. The faculty were very responsive to any questions I had and got back to me quickly. Anytime I called, I experienced courtesy and professionalism. Prior to enrolling, I’d researched schools, and Blackstone came highly recommended! My reason for taking the course is to volunteer in a non-profit organization, preferably one that assists animals in some way. I’m currently employed in a pharmacy, where the material I studied at Blackstone is very beneficial. I highly recommend Blackstone to anyone interested in taking a Paralegal course.

-Lorraine Chiverton





February Student Spotlight – Tamela Freeman

My experience with Blackstone, from beginning to end, was a pleasant and easy one. I didn’t have much need to contact administration, but on the few occasions I did, my questions or concerns were answered and addressed quickly and thoroughly.  I took the course because although I have worked in the area of law as an administrative assistant for nearly 26 years, I wanted to enhance my knowledge of the legal field so that I may be qualified for future opportunities that may arise in the Paralegal field. I found the course to be informative, challenging and very interesting. The course materials were very easy to follow and presented the information in a way that made it easy to understand and interesting to read.  I looked forward to starting each new lesson and to be honest, I’m a little sad that it’s over! I will definitely recommend Blackstone to others and am actually considering taking the Medical Coding/Billing course around the first of the year if things go as planned. It is never a bad thing to have a backup plan when it comes to careers.

-Tamela Freeman


January Student Spotlight – Yvonne House

I had done a lot of research to find a program for paralegal/legal assistant and was fortunate to have found Blackstone Career Institute.  The cost of the program was very reasonable.  I was able to pay for the program in full.  Therefore, I received all the material at once.  Whenever I had a question about anything, they have always been available to help.  The reason why I had chosen the paralegal/legal assistant course is I am in need of legal experience in this line of work.  I am currently working full time in the medical field but am seeking to become a certified legal document preparer.  This is where the paralegal/legal assistant program has been very beneficial to me. Overall, my experience with Blackstone Career Institute has been positive.  It takes a great deal of dedication to really get through the program especially when I work full time.  The levels were challenging but I powered through it.  I reached my goal of completing the program, now I’m ready to move towards my other personal goal. I would definitely recommend Blackstone Career Institute to anyone who is seeking to advance their career or for personal growth.  You will be pleased with their legal programs and service.

-Yvonne House




December Student Spotlight – Tessy Armah

My experience with Blackstone Career Institute would be rated as excellent because I expected the course to be short but it was very elaborate. It is an in-depth course that covers every aspect of law which will help you to either start a career in the legal profession being an entry job seeker or to further a Law Degree. I will encourage anyone to register as a student with Blackstone Career Institute because with Blackstone your future is in safe hands. The reason I became a Paralegal student of Blackstone is that my goal is to be a Practicing Lawyer. I read through the course outline on the website saw how each of the lessons is broken down and how many law courses were required to graduate. That was when I decided to pay for the course and I do not regret it at all. Keep up the good work and thank you for a wonderful experience.

-Tessy Armah





November Student Spotlight – Amanda Eldridge

I wanted to take some time to thank you, and Blackstone Career Institute for providing me with the knowledge to pursue my dream career working with animals. The program was very informative and simple to navigate. I loved being able to work at my own pace and feel as though I controlled my education. Anytime I needed assistance the staff members at Blackstone were more than eager to help, and always returned my phone calls/e-mails. As I progressed through each unit in my Veterinary Assistant program, I felt more and more knowledgable on the trade and was excited to move forward and see what the next unit had in store. Before Blackstone, I had always known I wanted to work with animals, just didn’t have any idea where to start. Veterinary Programs can be very expensive at most colleges/universities, and being in my mid-twenties currently working a full-time job with a family, going back to conventional college just wasn’t right for me. Not to mention bills need to be paid, so I needed something that allowed me the flexibility to still work, and better my education. I was able to structure my own days and fit in schooling whenever possible. I feel so accomplished knowing I was able to make it through my program without burdening my family by taking time off work. After just completing my program in June, I have already had several interviews and I am about to start working full time at a local animal clinic. Without my career certification from Blackstone I wouldn’t be in this position, and I’m happy I chose Blackstone as a guide to career success.

-Amanda Eldridge



October Student Spotlight – Roger Pompa

I really appreciated your kind words of encouragement, and I would be indeed honored to share with you and your staff a testimonial on my behalf, regarding my course with B.C.I. I am a graduate of a community college and a university in Florida. I am learning more Law Terminology from my coursework with BCI. Blackstone’s courses are more in-depth than any college or university texts from my experience studying the law. I am not wasting my time with Blackstone, as I would be in a college setting with re-educating myself with basic core level classes, such as English, Math, or any of the elective courses needed to obtain a college degree. In my future, I intend to open a small business doing paralegal work as a freelance paralegal. I will do work for the indigent, homeless veterans, simple uncontested divorces, and helping the incarcerated with their appeals, as well as performing depositions for Law Firms.

-Roger Pompa




September Student Spotlight – C. Saint Lewis

My experience with Blackstone Career Institute has been very positive from the beginning. I retired from law enforcement and was looking for a way to use my background, coupled with education, and validated by an accredited school with online classes. Since the time of day doesn’t matter to me, I loved the fact that if I can’t sleep at 3:00 a.m., I can go to my Blackstone classes and use my time productively.

Before choosing Blackstone for my paralegal course, I looked at several other online schools; but they required that I be in front of my computer at a set time on a set day for a set period of time. That just doesn’t work for me. I chose Blackstone because of its flexible classes, recognition by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA), and its affordability. The great customer service was an added bonus. Paul G. was so helpful in advising me on my first phone call, helping me get my transcript sent to NALA so that I could take the May 2017 test, and congratulating me once I had passed the exam. The Certified Paralegal exam was not easy but Blackstone’s course work was exceptional in helping me reach that goal.  It includes every subject covered on the exam along with a lot of common law history which allowed me to understand how the law progressed over time. I would recommend Blackstone to anyone wishing to get a quality education at an affordable price.

-C. Saint Lewis


August Student Spotlight – Luis Garrido

Thanks again for the EXCELLENT EDUCATION I received from Blackstone! The program covered the material in such a way that made it comprehensible and retentive. I was so impressed with the program, that not only did I purchase the course volume set, but I also found a used complete set of Blackstone’s original Modern American Law!

-Luis Garrido






July Student Spotlight – Karen Anderson

My overall experience with Blackstone was great. I thought it was very affordable and I liked that I could go through the course at my own pace. I liked the open book quizzes. It was nice not having to memorize a huge amount of material that is usually forgotten anyway. The most challenging part for me was the Lexis Advance section, the videos were short and covered a lot of material. I took the course for a career change and want to work in either Employment Law or Family Law. Thank you and Blackstone Career Institute for all the support

-Karen Anderson





June Student Spotlight – Elaine Johnson

First, I would like to thank the staff who were very helpful and professional.  THANK YOU!

This is a great online program and the way it is organized is absolutely amazing. There is a lot of information that covers all areas of law so that you can decide which area you might be most interested in pursuing. The LexisAdvance program is extremely useful.  I am so happy I found this program! The program worked out perfectly for me!  It was just what I was looking for and what I could afford.

I took this program because I wanted to obtain the academic knowledge and certification as a Legal Assistant/Paralegal so that I could advance to a Paralegal position in my legal career. Currently, I am a Legal Assistant. I look forward to continuing my education with Blackstone Career Institute by taking other advanced Paralegal programs offered.  I would recommend Blackstone Career Institute to anyone who wants to continue their education.

-Elaine Johnson



May Student Spotlight – Kerri Barnhart

I really enjoyed taking this course. It was so informative and covered everything I need to prepare me for a career in billing and coding. It was a lot of information to take in, but I took tons of notes and will always be able to look at them for a refresher course. I hadn’t worked in 20 years and circumstances came about that created an opportunity to get back out there. My uncle owns a billing company and he encouraged me to sign up for the course. Needless to say, I was very nervous getting back into schooling since I hadn’t really used my brain like that for so long, but I felt really comfortable in no time. The fact that I could go at my own pace was an immense help. Also, the idea of completing a course in less than a year and doing so at such a low cost were huge positives. I am not working yet, but I do have a job lined up. Thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity!

-Kerri Barnhart



April Student Spotlight – G. Lee KelloggOnline Certificate Student

I chose Blackstone Career Institute’s Legal Assistant/Paralegal program based on two things: educational value and, overall cost.  Both of which are outstanding.

Based on my research there are individuals taking this course work, and knowing their freedom may depend on what they learn.  This in and of itself was total justification for me. I have learned more in one month, with Blackstone classes, than I did in almost 2 years of law school…when I changed horses in mid-stream in favor of an MBA program.

I believe the Blackstone method of teaching cuts straight to the heart of the legal/judicial system that governs justice, for you and me, in today’s aggressive society.

-G. Lee Kellogg



March Student Spotlight – Lavonia LawrenceOnline Training Student

I have had a pleasurable experience with Blackstone Career Institute. I found that with setting my own pace it was achievable for me to complete my program while balancing family and work life. It seems like yesterday I started my program and now I am looking forward to gaining on the job training and becoming a certified Medical Biller and Coder.

-Lavonia Lawrence






February Student Spotlight – Regina DiazOnline Course Review

I am currently a Legal Assistant and have been in the legal field since 1988.  I recently got a job with the County and was told about Blackstone Career Institute by other co-workers.  I decided to get my Paralegal Certificate through Blackstone so that I will have the opportunity to be promoted as a Paralegal.  I have always wanted to get my Paralegal Certificate but just haven’t had the time to attend school.  Blackstone lets you work at your own pace and is very easy to understand.  I would highly recommend this course to others and have already done so.

-Regina Diaz



January Student Spotlight – Shannon KealiherOnline Training Review

I am a single mom trying to maintain in life and struggle with the rent increases as well as taking care of my child with no help from the government. This has been a really hard struggle. I was able to land a job with the City Attorney’s Office. I have been there for about 3 months. I was told that I could move up to a Paralegal position but needed to get my paralegal certificate. Well, being a single mom with no extra babysitting arrangements for night classes meant this was not going to happen. One of my co-workers told me about Blackstone. I went online to check it out and ended up reading that it is at your own pace and the fees were not that bad. I signed up. I thought that it would take me 9 plus months to get through the program, but I was able to get it done in 3 months. I have now been promoted to Paralegal with an $8,000 yearly raise. This class was easy to keep up with and I learned a lot in the course. I would recommend this program to everyone.

-Shannon Kealiher






December Student Spotlight – Karishna Guzmank-guzman-student-spotlight

My overall experience with Blackstone Career Institute was beyond my expectations; the institute has exceptional, prompt and courteous student services, the motivational letters/emails gave me the extra push I needed when life made sure to occupy and overwhelm me. The freedom to study at my own pace was the most gratifying as I have already done the on-campus education and the amount of pressure I had as a working married mom was exacerbating. The study material was intense, complete, current, yet easy enough to comprehend.

I have been in the real estate business for approximately 15 years as Legal Administrators appearing in court on behalf of landlords and serving as a liaison between paralegals, attorney, and tenants but ultimately approving agreements and making decisions on behalf of the landlord, that I decided it was time for me to seal my 15 years of experience with a certification. It was challenging at times but a very pleasant experience. 🙂 Thank you!

-Karishna Guzman




November Student Spotlight – John Whitfieldj-whitfield

I was highly impressed with this Paralegal Program. This was truly an awesome educational experience! The lessons were very detailed, informative and comprehensive. My experience with Blackstone Career Institute is an educational journey that I will never forget. As I stated before, this learning experience was well worth the money spent.

My reason for taking this course was to improve my employment chances, to expand my knowledge of the law and to acquire certification confirming that I have knowledge of the legal process. For many years I have conducted numerous Pro Se litigation, ranging from the commencement of civil lawsuits and conducting civil trials to filing motions and appeals regarding criminal proceedings.  With the acquisition of this certificate, I am finally able to document the fact that I understand the law and can assist attorneys in their effort to represent clients.

Although I am currently employed as a Youth Counselor, my ultimate goal is to start my own Paralegal business in order to generate supplemental income.  In addition, I am in the process of acquiring National Certification from the National Association for Legal Assistants (NALA).

Once again, thank you for a wonderful educational experience!

John Whitfield

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