Sponsor a loved one. Changing lives through education
Sponsor a loved one changing lives through education


Low monthly payments starting at $30 a month


Soft-covered materials approved by most facilities


Serving productive time

Help a friend or loved one

Many inmates are looking for a positive endeavor while incarcerated. Consider sponsoring them in a paralegal certificate program. As a sponsor, you would play a pivotal role in the rehabilitation process. Your financial support allows your friend or loved one to serve productive time by learning the law.


43% reduction in recidivism

*Studies show a 43% reduction in recidivism rates for those prisoners who participate in an education program.

For those who are serving time, education has profound and often life-changing benefits. There is a substantial reduction in violence and disciplinary infractions among those involved in education. Education breaks down racial and ethnic barriers that often cause tension and violence in prisons. It also improves connection between staff members and the incarcerated, and dramatically enhances the prisoners’ self-esteem.
There are increased and improved employment opportunities available for those formerly incarcerated people who engaged in education programs, and reentry is far smoother and more successful for those who took classes while incarcerated.

  • All Materials included and delivered directly to the student’s facility
  • Self-paced program– No exam deadlines with up to 2 years to complete
  • Nationally & Regionally Accredited
  • Sponsors will have access to the students online account to check their progress
  • Payment plan options available

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