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Blackstone Career Institute makes every effort to accommodate the enrollment of incarcerated individuals in our Advanced Paralegal Courses and Legal Assistant/Paralegal Program. We use soft-covered books and materials for ease of entry into most state prisons, federal penitentiaries, county jails, and other institutions.

Blackstone’s Advanced Paralegal Courses teach students about specialized areas of law, including Criminal Law, Family Law, and Civil Litigation. Our courses will help students advance their legal career with the flexibility and accessibility that working individuals need.

  • Prerequisite: High School or General Equivalency Diploma
  • Study Method: Mail correspondence
  • Program Length: Completion time ranges from 4-6 months, with students given the option of up to 6 months if needed. Students must satisfy all academic and financial obligations to graduate from their program.

Founded in 1890, Blackstone Career Institute is one of the oldest distance learning schools in the U.S. Over 125,000 people have changed their lives by taking a course with Blackstone. We have a long history of providing convenient and affordable education for prison inmates. Education is the cornerstone of success and has proven benefits for the incarcerated:

  • a lower rate of recidivism
  • increased employment prospects
  • a higher self-esteem
  • more marketable job skills
  • a means to transition into society

Inmates can complete their entire course via correspondence using U.S. mail. We provide all of the necessary materials so students do not have to seek additional or outside resources in order to graduate. Inmates from 1,200 facilities across the U.S. have already turned to Blackstone to continue their education.

Blackstone offers courses in the following legal fields: Personal Injury/Torts; Family Law; Wills, Trusts, and Estates; Criminal Law; Civil Litigation; Business and Corporate Law; Real Estate Law; and Practical Bankruptcy Law.

Distance learning is an effective and convenient method for incarcerated individuals to meet their educational goals. You can help! Enroll your loved one online, or, if you prefer, download the enrollment form now and mail it to us with your first payment. To have an informational packet sent to your loved one or to enroll over the phone, call 800-826-9228 and speak to one of our student service representatives.

Personal Injury/Torts

Tort law is the arena of law primarily responsible for making citizens whole after they have been injured by the wrongs of others. The Personal Injury/Torts course introduces students to tort law by discussing the scope, definitions, elements, and purpose of torts. It also discusses specific torts such as battery, assault, negligence, strict liability, and torts within and against family members.

Family Law

The Family Law course uses articles, cases, and examples to describe a paralegal’s role in matters of family law. Paralegals will be able to assist attorneys as they draft premarital and cohabitation agreements, help clients start or end their marriages, set up a mutually agreeable child custody arrangement, clarify paternity, adopt a child, litigate tort cases, and more. This course includes up-to-date information on same-sex relationships, the enforcement of child support orders, the legal status of frozen embryos, and the confidentiality of adoption records.

Wills, Trusts, and Estates

The Wills, Trusts, and Estates course uses articles, cases, and examples to describe a paralegal’s role in the administration of wills, trusts, and estates. This course will prepare paralegals to assist attorneys as they plan estates, explain rights, draft wills, set up trusts, appoint personal representatives, probate wills, file estate taxes, and represent clients in probate court.

Criminal Law

The predominance of criminal law cases within the legal system has caused an increasingly high demand for paralegals trained in this field. This course prepares students to participate in trial preparations and procedures. The course also covers homicide, assault and battery, arson, burglary, embezzlement and extortion. Students are challenged to apply their legal reasoning skills to realistic case scenarios and analysis problems.

Civil Litigation

The Civil Litigation course offers paralegals specialized knowledge for a litigation firm. It discusses the paralegal’s role in assisting the attorney before, during, and after a trial, including: investigating and gathering evidence; participating in discovery; drafting the complaint; preparing witnesses for depositions; assisting in the completion of interrogatories; preparing the trial notebook; preparing witnesses for trial and post trial practice; and drafting appellate briefs.

Business and Corporate Law

The Business and Corporate Law course discusses important topics related to business law, including traditional and online dispute resolution, sales and leases, warranties, product liability, consumer law, e-contracts, negotiable instruments, corporations, financing, investor protection, online securities offerings, real and personal property, agency and employment, and international law in a global economy.

Real Estate Law

The Real Estate Law course discusses different forms of ownership of real property, aspects of real estate finance and title insurance, and special circumstances surrounding the ownership of condominiums and cooperatives. This course also explains the paralegal’s role in assisting the attorney with the reading and preparation of various real estate documents including encumbrances, easements, licenses, contracts, deeds, titles, closings, surveys, land descriptions, and leases.

Practical Bankruptcy Law

The Practical Bankruptcy Law course provides the building blocks of  bankruptcy law by explaining cases from the perspective of the debtor, the trustee, and the creditor; and discusses the special rules and procedures that must be followed in each type of case. This course also explains how cases are commenced, converted, dismissed, and closed.

Business and Corporate Law Course Materials

Blackstone will provide you with the following tools for your success in the Business and Corporate Law course, all of which are included in your tuition:

Business and Corporate Law online Study Guide

Your e-book is delivered via VitalSource, one of the most popular and user-friendly e-textbook platforms for higher education. With VitalSource, you can change the page layout to suit your reading needs and easily search for keywords, tables and graphics throughout the text. You also have access to highlighting and note tools to help you make the most of your studies. You have the ability to work online or off…wherever it is convenient for you! Click here to learn more about the benefits of VitalSource e-books.

Business Law: Principles & Cases in the Legal Environment, by Daniel V. Davidson, Lynn M. Forsythe and Brenda E. Knowles. e-ISBN: 978-1-4548-4561-4

Access to Blackstone’s Online Student Center

You will gain unlimited access to Blackstone’s Online Student Center, where you can download your Civil Litigation Study Guide, take exams and receive instantaneous Grade Reports, chat real-time with other students, participate in online discussions, and receive news about Blackstone.
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