Family Law

Advanced Course


Family Law

Advanced Course


Blackstone’s correspondence Family Law advanced paralegal course for the incarcerated uses historical overviews, examples taken from actual cases, as well as recent Supreme Court Cases to describe the principles and practice of family law. The accompanying e-textbook, Family Law for Paralegals presents how to assist attorneys as they draft premarital agreements, help clients start or end their marriages, set up mutually agreeable child custody arrangements, clarify paternity, adopt a child, and more. This print-based paralegal course also includes comprehensive coverage of traditional family law topics, explores the developing law concerning nontraditional families and gay and lesbian parents’ rights, describes technological innovations such as virtual visitation, and presents other high-profile topics currently under debate.


  • Research shows that continuing education improves self-esteem and self-worth.
  • All materials needed to successfully complete Blackstone’s Advanced Paralegal courses is provided, including a soft-covered commercial textbook and an accompanying study guide.
  • Students may qualify for earned time – consult with the correctional facility’s education director for eligibility.
  • Gaining knowledge and developing skills increases opportunities for gainful employment upon release.
  • Students access the instructor by using the “Request for Consultation” forms located in the back of their study guides. Sponsors can email with any questions on behalf of the student.
  • Nationally and Regionally accredited, Blackstone Career Institute strives to achieve the highest standards of school performance and student results along with compliance to all agency Standards and Code of Ethics. This is your assurance that we provide our students a quality education.

*These certificate courses have been designed for the purpose of professional growth, personal enrichment and continuing education. However, they are separate from our Pennsylvania licensure and accreditation.


  • Paralegal’s role in a family law firm
  • How to help draft a premarital agreement
  • How to help draft a cohabitation agreement
  • What legal issues come up prior to marriage
  • The different types of marriages
  • The issue of same-sex marriage
  • The grounds for an annulment
  • Conflict of law issues related to annulments
  • Consequences of an annulment decree
  • Co-fault grounds for divorce
  • Fault grounds for divorce
  • How a judicial separation works
  • Jurisdictional issues involved in divorces
  • Pre-trial and trial matters in a divorce case
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Enforcement of divorce judgments
  • How to help draft a separation agreement
  • How alimony is determined
  • How property division is determined
  • How separation agreements are modified
  • How child custody and visitation rights are determined
  • What to expect from a parent v. parent custody case
  • What to expect from other types of custody cases
  • The laws prohibiting child snatching
  • How child support is determined
  • How child support is enforced
  • The tax consequences of separation and divorce
  • The legal rights of women, including employment rights and reproductive rights
  • Illegitimacy rights
  • How to help with a paternity proceeding
  • The legal status of children, especially those who have been abused or neglected
  • The different kinds of adoption
  • How to help with an adoption procedure
  • The new science of motherhood, including frozen embryos
  • The surrogate controversy
  • Intrafamily torts
  • Vicarious liability

Book Included In Your Family law ADVANCED COURSE

Family Law for Paralegals
by J. Shoshanna Ehlrich
Blackstone’s Advanced Paralegal Certificate Program include all materials needed: a commercial textbook and an accompanying study guide. This material is mailed the following business day after the student has enrolled. It is shipped via U.S.P.S. with tracking.


Full Payment

$ 455 One Time Payment
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$ 59 /month
  • $160 down, 5 Monthly Payments of $59
  • Total $455
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  • Blackstone has a long history of providing high quality, affordable and accessible education to incarcerated individuals. We believe in freedom through education evidenced by thousands of our incarcerated students and graduates who have changed their lives by choosing to take a course with Blackstone Career Institute.
    • BCI Payment Plans Our all-inclusive online certificate programs offer payment plans with no interest.
    • Sponsorship You can support an incarcerated individual’s educational goals by enrolling them in any of our Advanced Paralegal Courses. Student’s can take more than one course at a time. As their sponsor, you will have access to the student’s account information once they are enrolled. If you have questions about becoming a sponsor, please email us at
  • Refund Policy At Blackstone, our student service team focuses on student satisfaction. However, if you choose not to continue your studies we offer a refund policy. Cancellations within the first 5 days of enrollment receive a full refund. After the first 5 days your refund amount is based on tuition collected, lessons completed and enrollment date. Learn more about our refund policy.


"A great use of time and being productive. Rebranding myself as a professional through education degrees and certificate diplomas. Life changing."
"Real estate law is a great course to take if you plan on dealing with real estate investing or any area of real estate upon release from prison."
"Education has the power to put your aspirations and dreams into a realistic framework of unlimited opportunities. Blackstone makes it a reality."
"A great use of time and being productive. Rebranding myself as a professional through education degrees and certificate diplomas. Life changing."
" Real estate law is a great course to take if you plan on dealing with real estate investing or any area of real estate upon release from prison"
"Education has the power to put your aspirations and dreams into a realistic framework of unlimited opportunities. Blackstone makes it a reality."


Sponsors can enroll an incarcerated individual into the program by clicking here or calling our student service center Monday – Thursday from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST at 800.826.9228. Blackstone has open-enrollment, so sponsors can enroll the student in the course anytime, 24/7/365.

To qualify for admission, an applicant must meet the following:
  • Complete BCI’s Enrollment Agreement for admission. The agreement outlines the obligations of Blackstone and the student. The required down payment must be submitted at time of enrollment.
  • Submit information on high school completion. All students are required to have a High School Diploma or GED Equivalency Certificate to enroll in a Blackstone program. Physical or electronic evidence of this credential must be submitted to the school.
  • Once Blackstone has received and reviewed the agreement, the accepted applicant will receive a welcome letter with instructions on how to begin their course.

Yes. Blackstone Career Institute is nationally accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), and regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools. Accreditation assures the public that our curriculum, faculty, administrative procedures and polices meet the accrediting agencies’ exceptionally high standards. To better understand the value of accreditation, read this document published by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

You can choose to pay the $455 tuition in full or; We offer a payment plan with a 100% approval rate for our advanced paralegal courses—you will pay a $160.00 down payment & 5 monthly payments of $59.00.
Students enrolled in an Advanced Course receive once shipment which includes a commercial textbook along with a Blackstone Study Guide. This shipment is sent with tracking through the United States Postal Service. Typical Shipping Time is 7-10 business days.
One of the major advantages in taking a Blackstone course is that students can work at their own pace. Many students complete in 3 months, and some take the full 6-month time allotted.
We are aware that incarcerated students may be transferred to other facilities or be released during their enrollment with Blackstone. The student and/or sponsor should contact Blackstone as soon as possible to notify of an upcoming transfer or release. This will allow the school to update records, hold material if needed, and send any remaining course material to the new location.

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