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11 Easy Money Saving Tips for Broke Students


School costs can add extra financial burdens on top of other expenses that add up in one’s everyday living. In order to help alleviate the stress that can come with finances, we’ve created a list of eleven easy money saving tips for broke students.


BCI understands the importance of finding an educational route that is cost effective so that you can successfully find a career that uses your passions and expertise. These suggestions are not exhaustive and should be used as an evaluation tool with your own budget and expenses to find a medium that works best for you. Saving money is possible and you don’t need to cut out every additional expense either to do so. 


Easy Money Saving Tips


1. Create a monthly budget

This is the first step in understanding what your recurring expenses are and is a great way to help you learn your spending habits. There are a plethora of free budget apps that can be accessed through a web browser or phone app for easy access when you’re out and about. Some apps include but are not limited to Mint, EveryDollar, and PocketGuard. A monthly budget should also work for you, so although the income may be set, you can change what expenses you have each month if anything fluctuates.


2. Utilize coupons

Most grocery and retail stores have sales and coupons that can help you save money and avoid paying full price on items. Look for coupons on the items you need and plan bigger orders when holiday sales occur.


3. Buy used textbooks

Not only can you use the ISBN number to find a used textbook online, but there are also options to sell back textbooks when you are finished. This is a way to save money and also help another student get a copy of the book for the class after you.


4. Walk to places

If you live in a town or city, there is an opportunity to save gas and get some exercise by walking to the places you need to go, whether that’s the grocery store or another establishment. There is also a potential to save further on car expenses by not driving as many miles when the yearly emissions inspection is due depending on your state.


5. Limit eating out

The costs at restaurants can add up over time. Purchasing fresh or frozen produce at the grocery store and meal prepping can help alleviate extra expenses. In addition to buying food at the grocery store to make your own meals, you can save money by limiting the amount of frozen meals and processed food too as these items tend to be more expensive because of their convenience.


6. Utilize the library

Check out the library in your local area and apply for a library card. There are a plethora of free resources from books to audio and movies. Some libraries even have free passes to different sites in the area such as museums, art shows, and more.


7. Shop at thrift stores

When you have the opportunity, check out your local consignment and second hand stores. If you like DIY projects, you can look for a good deal and create pieces that fit your budget and lifestyle. 


8. Find free or low cost entertainment

Cable can be expensive, and there are other cost effective methods for entertainment and TV including subscribing to one streaming service platform. Be mindful not to purchase several streaming services or you may end up paying equal or more than cable. 


9. Use reusable products

Instead of using paper napkins and plates, find glassware and cloth substitutes that can limit the amount of products you will need to purchase every month. 


10. Tackle debt early

You can create a game plan to pay off any debt in incremental and achievable steps to avoid extra fees and interest charges by using a budgeting app.


11. Start a side hustle or job

Do you enjoy crafting, interacting with children or pets, or gardening? There are a variety of ways you can make extra income from a hobby you enjoy such as selling homemade crafts, baby/dog sitting, or mowing lawns. Having a side hustle is a great way to impart your knowledge or enjoyment in any given area and serve those in your community with the help you provide. 

There are countless money saving tips that you can utilize in your everyday life. To view more suggestions, browse the linked resources in this article.


Consider Blackstone

Blackstone Career Institute is ready to help you with your educational goals, including finding an affordable payment plan for your career course. You can talk with a student advisor today to help you find the right fit. Blackstone Career Institute (BCI) is here to help you along the way with affordable and flexible programs just for you. BCI understands the importance of finding an educational course that is cost effective so that you can successfully find a career that uses your passions and expertise.


Written by Laura Conaway

11 Easy Money Saving Tips for Broke Students11 Easy Money Saving Tips for Broke Students