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3 Key Facts About Military Friendly Schools

As a soldier there are tons of things to worry about. From physical fitness and carrier progression to mental health and what is for chow. One of the hardest challenges to tackle is perusing higher an education.

Constantly traveling and being subject to erratic orders makes attending traditional schools borderline impossible. Fortunately, there are schools out there that understand the unique needs of military personnel and offer programs tailored to their needs.

1. What is a military friendly school?

A military friendly school is a school that has made a commitment to support military personnel both prior service and those still actively serving. This commitment can take many forms, from offering flexible schedules to providing specialized resources for military students.

Military friendly schools recognize that military personnel face unique challenges when it comes to education, and they work to make the process as easy as possible.

So, how do you become a military friendly school? There are a few key things that schools can do to earn this designation. First and foremost, they need to understand the needs of military students. This means being flexible with schedules, offering online courses, and providing resources to help military personnel navigate the education system.

Additionally, military friendly schools should offer programs specifically tailored to military students, such as courses in leadership, management, or criminal justice.

Often third—party organization such as Military Friendly will step in to provide guidance as well as standards to be officially recognized as a military friendly school.

2. Why should a school become military friendly?

Becoming a military friendly school is not only beneficial for the military community, but it can also greatly benefit the school itself. By creating a welcoming environment for military students, schools can attract and retain a diverse student body, including active—duty service members, veterans, and their dependents.

This not only increases enrollment but also brings in a variety of perspectives that can enrich the educational experience for all students.

In addition, military friendly schools may also receive funding opportunities from military education benefits programs, such as the Post—9/11 GI Bill, which can provide a significant source of revenue for the institution.

Furthermore, military friendly schools can enhance their reputation in the community and gain a competitive edge in the higher education market. By showing support for military students and their families, schools can increase their visibility and appeal to a wider audience.

This can lead to increased enrollment, improved retention rates, and a stronger reputation for the institution. Additionally, the values and skills that are instilled in military service members, such as discipline, leadership, and teamwork, can be beneficial to the school community as a whole.

By providing a supportive environment that recognizes and values these qualities, schools can create a culture of excellence that benefits all students and faculty.

3. What are the benefits for students?

The benefits of attending a military friendly school are many. For starters, these schools understand the wants and needs of military personnel and work to streamline the education process as much as possible.

This comes in the form of offering resources that help military students succeed, such as tutoring and counseling services, it is always a good idea to visit the VA office on campus or give them a call whenever you run into issues.

Additionally, military friendly schools often integrate their own financial aid programs with those offered by the military already, which can make sourcing financial aid more streamlined and less stressful.

One of the biggest benefits of attending a military friendly school is the ability to take courses online. Online education has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. For military personnel who are constantly on the move, online courses offer a level of flexibility that traditional courses simply can’t match.

With online courses, military students can complete coursework from anywhere in the world, so weather they are passing time in the sand box or on leave with friends and family they are able to continue to better themselves.

Not only do military friendly schools offer online courses but they also have dedicated faculty to that are experienced in handling military matters and not just in the VA office. Their veteran financial officer specializes in navigating grants such as the Post—9/11 GI Bill and Montgomery GI Bill.

Faculty like these can help military students navigate the education system, connect them with other resources, and provide support throughout their educational mission.

Overall, attending a military friendly school can be a great way for military personnel to continue their education and prepare for their future. These schools have prepared for the needs of military students and work to make the education process as easy as possible. Whether it’s through online courses or specialized programs, military friendly schools offer resources that can help military personnel succeed both in the military and in civilian life.

If you’re a military member or veteran who is considering continuing your education, it’s important to find a school that fist your lifestyle and needs. Look for schools that have earned the designation of military friendly and that offer resources specifically tailored to military students.

With the right school and the right resources, you can achieve your educational goals and prepare for a successful future.