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3 Tips to Start Connecting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of many social networking websites that helps users share their professional interests with others in search for job opportunities. As the name implies, “LinkedIn” allows users to invite and connect with others, so that they are “linked” to their accounts, building both professional credibility and expanding on business ventures.

Unlike other modes of social media, LinkedIn promotes business relationships that highlight your strengths as a worker. Your account could include a link to your ePortfolio, a copy of your resume or cover letter, and also has your job interests highlighted for recruiters. 

The platform also includes a section for references and the ability to list your certifications, education, and professional background. Most job advertisements on the site don’t require a separate resume or cover letter to submit, so it is easy to submit your information for review!

Before creating an account in hopes of attaining your dream job, it is important to review some of the tips and tricks to use the platform at its highest potential. Read more information about LinkedIn below so that you can craft the ultimate account and secure your long-desired position.

  1. Focus On Your Look

On your LinkedIn profile, the very top of your account holds the most important information. It includes the background banner, a profile picture, your name, current position, your location, educational and professional history, and your job interests.

While this content sounds overwhelming to review, it is especially crucial to make deliberate decisions on your account’s appearance. For instance, a poorly-cropped selfie at DisneyWorld won’t show the same professionalism as a suit-and-tie headshot. Provide sophisticated information, without boring your viewer to sleep.

Your “About” section should tell a story, and this is what neatly ties your profile header together. Sure, your academic and professional accomplishments are important, but so is personality and that headshot—it helps add a face to a name, and this networking gives you more depth than a bland resume. Spend some time researching buzz words for your desired career as well, as this can help improve your exposure on the site.

  1. When You Connect, Reach Out!

Connections are the staple of LinkedIn, because they show your professional network and appeal. When you first create an account, remember to send requests to friends, family, coworkers, or others that can vouch for your work ethic and dedication. 

As you develop an image and hone your LinkedIn craft, the connection requests will start rolling in. It may be helpful to make a list and develop a strategy for who you want to network with. If you want to start a career in Medical Billing and Coding, it may be helpful to research local hospitals, offices, or insurance agencies. From there, you can find a list of registered employees in your desired branch. 

Once you connect, be sure to reach out! A well thought-out message when connecting with someone can make a great impression, and can improve your job opportunity prospects. Remember, LinkedIn is all about networking, and the site only goes as far as you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone.

  1. Post Relevant Information

According to Forbes, less than 0.5% of all LinkedIn accounts actually contribute content to the site. This means that if you are looking to share content and be seen, there is a low-competition market that can help improve your visibility.

Spend some time making a list of things that you can write or post about. Maybe you are coming up on a five-year anniversary of an important work trip, or maybe you just completed a certificate course. Be sure to upload photos and include links whenever possible, as these cross-references help improve your prospective opportunities.

Long-form content does especially well on the platform, as it demands more attention from the reader and encourages conversation in the comments section of your post. Don’t feel overwhelmed generating new ideas—be yourself and write in a casual, but work-friendly way. Crafting content like this helps ensure you connect with the right people when navigating the site. 

The Blackstone Difference

Blackstone Career Institute understands the importance of these job resources, which is why we have a career center available on our website.

We aim to provide you with helpful tips and advice, including more information on developing your LinkedIn account, attending networking events, and how to nail your job interviews. Possibly the hardest part of career growth is education, so it’s time to reap the rewards of your hard work!