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4 Benefits of a Learning Management System

Education has evolved a lot in recent years, and both institutions and students are adjusting to an entirely new learning landscape when compared to even just five years ago. As more of the education process moves toward online formats, various technologies are becoming essential pieces of attending school.

Perhaps the most important type of technology for remote learning is a learning management system (LMS). An LMS is a software platform that is accessible to both educators and students, providing a virtual classroom space. Instructors can use the LMS to design and deliver lessons, assign homework and exams, and grade submitted work. Students can access their various courses, find assignments and readings, take tests, and more. Most of what has traditionally been done in a classroom can be done within an LMS.

If you are looking into taking courses as an online student, you are going to be interacting with a learning management system. Fortunately for you, the implementation of LMS by educational institutions has several benefits for students. Let’s take a closer look at what you have to gain as a remote student interacting with a learning management system:

1. Accessibility and Flexibility

Learning management systems are the vehicle through which an online education is delivered. As such, LMS has become an essential tool for students looking to attend school in a way that allows them more flexibility in their lives. The most obvious benefit of an LMS is that you can attend school from anywhere, even while traveling or living in an area far from where the school is located.

Thanks to LMS, you need nothing more than a computer and Internet access to complete online education courses. This also makes online education far more accessible for many people than in-person courses. Online education is both cheaper and more accessible than in-person learning. Thanks to LMS, educators can allow students to learn using whatever methods and frameworks work for them: videos, podcasts, virtual classrooms, and recorded lectures can all be easily implemented via an LMS.

LMS has also made it easier for educators to provide different pedagogical approaches for students with different needs. It is not uncommon for various students within the same course to be learning in a completely different style from one another thanks to the LMS. For example, learning styles like rapid learning, blended learning, and storytelling can be more easily implemented through LMS.

2. Improved Performance

Many students enjoy significant improvements in their performance at school when using an LMS. There are several reasons why students might find they perform better when using an e-Learning system. It could be thanks to reduced stress from not having to commute to school. It could be that an educator has easily implemented and delivered a personalized learning program for a student with specific needs through the LMS. Or, it could be that a student is able to focus on coursework more easily because they can complete it on their own schedule.

Learning management systems are designed with both student and educator success in mind, and improvements in the technology are being made constantly. Thanks to LMS, students have more tools at their disposal than ever before to succeed in their education.

3. Communication and Social Learning Made Easy

One of the most common critiques of online courses is that they take away the opportunity for students to socialize, network, and connect with their peers and professors. Thanks to LMS, these classic online learning issues are becoming a thing of the past. LMS can encourage interaction among students and between students and instructors, making it easy to get in touch with one another and collaborate, if needed.

LMS also provides centralized discussion and bulletin boards so that important communication relevant to the course can be seen by everyone. Since in-person meetings are no longer required, students and educators can communicate on their own time and from wherever they are. Removing these barriers allows for more efficient communication, allowing everyone to move through the course with fewer hiccups and misunderstandings.

4. Save Money

An online education from a private institution is, on average, less than one-third of the price of an in-person degree! This does not even account for transportation costs of driving to and from school or costs of living which are often high in college towns. The bottom line is that you will be able to receive your education for much less money online than you would in-person.

Thanks to learning management systems, you can reside where the cost of living is relatively low, while taking courses from an institution anywhere in the country. Lower cost of living and significantly lower tuition costs make for an education that is highly affordable.

Learning Management System at Blackstone

Blackstone Career Institute utilizes a learning management system to deliver its educational certificate-based programs. Whether you are looking for career training programs, certificate courses, CE courses, or correspondence courses for incarcerated individuals, BCI has something for you. Thanks to the LMS technology used by Blackstone, online students can complete coursework on their own schedule, from anywhere. Our programs are highly affordable and flexible because we want you to succeed!


Written by Adam Wernham

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