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4 Considerations Before a Career in Medical Transcription

One of the biggest securities of working in the medical field is the endless job opportunities available, due to the constant growth in this field.

From physicians to medical assistants, the healthcare field provides a rewarding career with a range of benefits for the employees. Whether you are looking for a flexible schedule or want to enhance your skills, a Medical Transcription Career Training Program can help you achieve your career goals. What’s more is that he best online colleges offer affordability and flexibility.

1. What is a Transcriptionist?

Medical transcriptionists have been trained in medical terminology, laboratory procedures, and medical diagnosis. Responsibilities for this position may include any of the following:

  • Listen to audio recordings of physicians or other medical care providers
  • Transcribe the recordings into a written report
  • Decipher the abbreviations and medical terminologies that are used in patient recordings
  • Transfer recordings to written forms used to prepare a patient’s medical history or other official hospital medical records

2. Reasons to Earn a Certificate

Medical transcriptionists are in high demand and required by a range of medical facilities such as hospitals, medical clinics, or laboratories

  • A transcriptionist, on average, can earn about $31,000 to $50,000 each year
  • You gain the benefit of being able to work in a medical facility or as an independent contractor
  • As an independent contractor, you can set your own hours and negotiate how much you will be compensated for your work
  • A certificate demonstrates your expertise in Medical Transcription to a potential employer that you have the skills required to perform medical transcriptions

3. Reasons to Sit for Certification or Credentialing

These credentials speak to your commitment towards your career and towards continuing your education as a Medical Transcriptionist. In other words, it verifies the specialist is knowledgeable of the most recent, updated studies and information in their field.

Not to mention, credentialed professionals may earn more than professionals with no credentials, because of the extra layer of assurance employers receive with a certified or credentialed candidate.

Sitting for a certification exam or credentialing exam is not necessary to be able to receive an entry level job within the Medical Transcription field. However, it is a popular career choice due to the likelihood of increased pay, wider variety of job opportunities, and obtaining designation.

4. Career Opportunities

Working in the medical transcription profession allows you to evolve your career in a variety of healthcare settings, including doctors’ offices, public and private hospitals, teaching hospitals, medical transcription businesses, clinics, laboratories, radiology and pathology departments, insurance companies, medical libraries, government medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, legal offices, research centers, veterinary medical facilities, and associations representing the healthcare industry.

A career in Medical Transcription also offers the opportunity to work with healthcare professionals in multiple specialties. Transcriptionists work with pharmacists, therapists, technicians, nurses, dieticians, social workers, psychologists, and other medical personnel. All of these healthcare providers rely on information that is received, documented, and dispersed by the medical transcriptionist.

Some transcriptionists choose to work from home as employees of transcription businesses or hospitals. Others in the medical transcription career provide services as independent contractors.

Qualified medical transcriptionists who wish to expand their professional responsibilities may become quality assurance specialists, supervisors, managers, department heads, or owners of medical transcription businesses. Experienced medical transcriptionists may become instructors working in schools to educate those working toward a medical transcription career.

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