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5 Certificates to Get Under $500

In today’s world, school is as necessary as it is expensive, and employers are always searching for a candidate that is just a bit more qualified. But before you empty your life savings on yet another degree or expensive job training program, you will be happy to hear that there are affordable ways to build your resume that may help with both new jobs and that promotion you are looking forward to. Blackstone Career Institute is committed to offering distance education certificate courses that could give you the boost you want without breaking the bank. So, check out these five courses for under $500 each.

Anatomy, Medical Terminology & HIPAA

The Anatomy, Medical Terminology & HIPAA online certificate course covers the terminology encountered in various medical fields, including body systems and related diseases, procedures and abbreviations. This certificate is for those looking to advance their career in the medical field or break into the exciting world of medicine. Both medical professionals and those new to the industry can show their dedication to higher leaning by adding this certificate to their resume. Coming in at $413 to take this course, anyone can easily pursue this certificate while keeping their budget intact.

Foundations of Legal Research using LexisAdvance®

Using the powerful tool LexisAdvance®, this online certificate course will expand your research capabilities, improve your writing skills, and teach you the ins and outs of computer-assisted legal research. LexisAdvance® is the leading legal information service with the fastest and most accurate database of information. Learning how to navigate this platform is paramount to success in legal careers. Again, costing only $413, this certificate can potentially boost your budding legal career or give you a way to sort through, read, and write in legal style using a modern database.

Ethics for Paralegals

The Ethics for Paralegals course assists with the recertification requirements for CLEs for NALA and NALS paralegals. If you are a Certified Paralegal (CP®) through NALA, the National Association of Legal Assistants, the course provides 5 hours toward the 50 hours of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) needed for paralegal recertification. If you are an Accredited Legal Professional (ALP), Certified Legal Professional (CLP) or Professional Paralegal (PP) through NALS, National Association for Legal Support Professionals, a minimum of 5 hours of ethics per recertification is required.

This course provides a quick and easy way to work toward recertification. The whole course only costs $199, making it an affordable option for individuals looking to recertify. It is a good idea to keep the date of expiration in mind for your certification and make sure to get ahead of the curve in taking this course to maintain it.

Torts, Criminal Law & Procedures

The Torts, Criminal Law & Procedures online certificate course is designed for legal professionals to learn more about the issues affecting our society and their legal ramifications. By learning the difference between various terms and how they are dealt with under the law, this can help put yourself ahead in fields like law enforcement, criminal and civil law, and social work. Also, your budget will thank you that this course comes with a price tag under $500. The Torts, Criminal Law & Procedures certificate can help to boost your resume and demonstrate your knowledge on multiple legal topics.

Leadership Skills

We have talked a lot about some specialized certificate courses. However, those are not the only options that Blackstone Career Institute has to offer. Our Leadership Skills online certificate course offers training in management and team leading. Going over topics like team motivation, HR management, diversity integration, and critical thinking, this course is designed to assist you in any leadership role. From managing a team to organizing a non-profit, you will be able to demonstrate the traits of a leader, and with a price tag under $500, you will be able to take the lead on your career.

How Certificates Can Help

Blackstone Career Institute offers a diverse range of certificate courses that are not only affordable but also have potential benefits for career advancement across various fields. Whether you’re looking to delve into the medical sector, legal field, or enhance your leadership skills, these certificates provide a cost-effective way to distinguish yourself in a competitive job market. With each course priced under $500, Blackstone ensures that professional development is accessible, allowing individuals to enhance their qualifications without the financial strain typically associated with further education.

Blackstone is both regionally and nationally accredited. Accreditation is the main way that students, families, the public, and government officials know that an institution provides quality education, student support, and fiscal integrity. By choosing to attend an accredited school, you are assured a quality education and institutional accountability.

By investing in these certificate courses, you’re not just adding valuable credentials to your resume; you’re also opening doors to new opportunities and paving the way for future success. Embrace the chance to elevate your career with Blackstone Career Institute, where affordability meets excellence in education.

Disclaimer: Blackstone Career Institute, an accredited school, cannot guarantee employment, job promotion prospects, or income increases.