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5 Leadership Qualities the Best Leaders Possess

When applying for jobs, it is important to showcase and explain situations where your soft skills have been utilized and executed well. While highlighting the assets you can bring to a team and work environment, it is also crucial to ask questions of potential employers to learn more about their work environment and the leadership qualities they possess as they direct the company.

There are a variety of soft skills that are important for a work environment and everyday life, which can include reliability, creativity, teamwork, problem solving, and self-motivation.

One skill that employers are seeking is an individual who is growing as a leader. Employers want employees who can not only take directives and complete a task but also those who can facilitate the charge toward a goal to get a project finished.

Similar to employers looking for quality leaders, candidates for any job should also know what makes an exceptional leader. Knowing this will help you distinguish a reputable employer.

To understand what leadership qualities a good leader possesses, we need to first define what a leader is.

What is Leadership?

Leadership in a simple phrase is the capability to direct people toward a common goal. A good leader will know where a company or project is headed, understand the reasoning behind this goal, and motivate others to join in to accomplish the task for the benefit of all those involved.

5 Top Leadership Qualities

1. Ownership

A good leader will understand the value in taking ownership for successes and failures. They are willing to own up to their mistakes, admit where they could have done better, and seek out ways to improve. This genuine humility highlights a leader who can be trusted, and their character will encourage others to do the same. No one is perfect, and a leader is ready to be authentic and walk alongside others toward a common goal, even if there are a few bumps in the road along the way.

2. Communication

A quality leader will value communication. In order to organize a group and get everyone on the same page and motivated to finish an assignment, everyone must understand what their role is and what needs to be completed. Those in a leadership position will be open to receiving and answering questions and clarifying any confusion. When employees feel comfortable making their voice heard, they will be more willing to receive instructions communicated to them. Leaders will also provide clear, specific, and attainable goals and list their expectations on when deadlines need to be met.

3. Empathy and Patience

The best leaders will display empathy and patience toward those on their team. They understand that everyone has their own opinions, life experiences, and unique gifts and ideas that will help contribute to a project. In order to utilize everyone’s insight, a leader will take time to get to know individuals. Building healthy work relationships is an asset for any company because it helps those on a team feel confident in the role they play in a project. Camaraderie will ease any concerns and allow everyone to voice their thoughts in an environment that is welcoming and supportive. People will be ready to work together toward the goal.

4. Vision and Passion

An effective leader must have a vision for where the company or organization is headed. However, the “why” behind the vision is essential. The “why” will play out in what is communicated to employees and will motivate people to complete their part of the assignment. When a leader is confident in the trajectory of a goal and is excited and passionate about the project, it will also reflect on those who are helping to execute the idea.

5. Flexibility

A well-rounded leader must also demonstrate flexibility. As they listen to others on the team, answer questions, and admit mistakes, there will be times when plans need to change. A leader, fueled by a desire to achieve the best possible outcome, must be willing to accept change and pivot when necessary. In order to move forward, adaptability is a must. There will be ups and downs along the way, but the goal is to continue progressing forward.

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Written by Laura Conaway

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