Blog5 Things to Expect from a Medical Transcription Job

5 Things to Expect from a Medical Transcription Job

Online medical transcription certification takes time and effort. It can be a great job for the stay-at-home mom, but only with dedication, a strong work ethic and experience to prove it. Unfortunately, many interested parties fall prey to various myths and misconceptions regarding the duties of a certified medical transcriptionist.

To help alleviate the confusion and allow you to make an educated decision regarding your new career, here are five examples of what you can expect from a medical transcriptionist position.

A challenge. 

Medical transcription provides a mental workout. If you like a constant challenge, then you’re definitely in the correct field. The job can provide a lot of frustration and intrigue as well, considering your duty is literally to to puzzle out doctors’ notes and shorthand scribbles. 

Naturally, some elements of the job will get easier over time. Your typing speed and accuracy will improve substantially, and you will learn to work more efficiently. Certification increases your job opportunities in the field, and the subsequent training provides the introductory tips needed to excel in the field.

Stable pay. 

While advertisements in the field of medical transcription quote higher salaries than standard, you can definitely make enough money to sustain yourself and a family! However, at least to start out, you’re not likely to have the time to act as true a stay-at-home parent, even if you’re working out of your home.

An incentive for certification and training in advance is that pay is typically project-based; this means that if you work at a faster rate than others, your earning potential is increased. If you elect to work freelance, for instance, your pay is based on audio minutes, not time spent on a particular assignment. 

Remember to quote your working speeds and how diligently you can work through a project, as this can help you determine if a project’s rate is reasonable or not. 

A need for focus. 

In exchange for stable pay and a comfortable lifestyle, medical transcription takes a lot of concentration. As a medical transcriptionist, you need to be able to focus and be certain your work is as close to flawless as possible. A single mistake or misstep in transcription can be massively detrimental to the patient in question.

Developing a routine can be helpful in improving your focus. Taking dedicated breaks to reset keeps your mind sharp and ensures you are producing the best work possible. As important as your work is, so too is your mental health!

Lots of stress. 

Considering the level of challenge provided, it should come as no surprise that this job doesn’t lead to a low-stress environment. The work is hard and must be precise. Audio files are not always clear of background noise and are often hard to transcribe; doctors who vocally record their notes for a transcriptionist don’t always think about the person transcribing what they say. It takes a lot of hard work to get your assignments right, and that can be highly stressful depending on your disposition.

Long hours. 

This is not a training course for someone who won’t put the time into it. Training and certification for medical transcription takes time—you’ll be in classes and taking tests for a minimum of nine months. The payoff is something to look forward to in the end, however, as you’ll certainly be able to earn back what you spent on your education. For many, the convenience of working your own hours, from home, greatly outweighs the focus and hour requirements.

How We Help You Prepare

Medical transcription isn’t a job for the faint of heart. It’s rewarding, challenging, and stressful; it’s not a one-way ticket to quick and easy money. Certification provides a necessary leg up that employers like to see, while groups like the Blackstone Career Institute offer certification and training together, allowing you to get both in one sweep. 

If you have the drive and the time to take on a challenge, this is the field for you! Just be ready to work for your pay. Top online universities can certainly provide quality education to you. Check out accredited online universities today!