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6 Helpful Skills Military Vets Bring to the Workplace


Military veterans are a unique and valuable part of the workforce, bringing with them a set of skills and experiences that are not often found in the civilian world. Their time in service has equipped them with a variety of attributes that make them exceptional employees and leaders. According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, 79% of employers found that veterans performed “better than” or “much better than” their civilian counterparts in similar jobs.


1. Leadership

6 Helpful Skills Military Vets Bring to the Workplace

Leadership is undoubtedly one of the most significant skills that veterans possess. The military invests large amounts of time and money in developing strong leaders who can handle responsibility, make decisions under pressure, and inspire those around them. Veterans often step into leadership roles with ease, bringing with them a wealth of experience in managing teams, projects, and complex situations. Their ability to lead with confidence is a tremendous asset in any work setting, but this also comes with the ability to follow instructions. Being a part of a chain of command has given them the mindset to both lead and follow.


2. Discipline

6 Helpful Skills Military Vets Bring to the Workplace

Discipline and a strong work ethic are other key attributes that veterans are known for. The military demands a high level of commitment and adherence to standards, and veterans carry these traits with them into the civilian workforce. They are renowned for their reliability and punctuality. Having been held to much higher standards in the past, most see even the strictest civilian requirements as easy to accomplish. This strong work ethic not only benefits the performance of the individual, but also sets a positive example for other employees. Exhibiting their leadership qualities again and pulling their co-workers into a more team centric work style.


3. Teamwork

6 Helpful Skills Military Vets Bring to the Workplace

Teamwork and collaboration are at the heart of military operations, and veterans excel in these areas. The military operates on the principle of unity, with individuals working closely together to achieve a common goal. Veterans bring this collaborative spirit to the workplace, readily sharing their knowledge and skills with colleagues as they nurture a sense of camaraderie and shared hardship. Their ability to work well with others, regardless of background or role, stems from a willingness to adapt their own work style to fit in with those around them, while still working to contribute and teach. This is a core skill of most veterans that are looking to enter the work force.


4. Adaptability

6 Helpful Skills Military Vets Bring to the Workplace

Adaptability and problem-solving are additional skills that veterans are well-known for. The military environment is dynamic and unpredictable, requiring personnel to be flexible, resilient, and quick-thinking. Veterans are adept at navigating change, thinking critically, and solving problems on the fly, making them valuable assets in fast-paced and challenging work settings. Their ability to remain calm under pressure, assess situations objectively, and devise strategic solutions contributes to their success in the civilian workforce, as they can tackle complex issues with confidence and precision. Real-world examples from various industries demonstrate how veterans have successfully applied their adaptability and problem-solving skills to drive innovation and improve processes.


5. Global Perspective

6 Helpful Skills Military Vets Bring to the Workplace

Veterans also bring a global perspective and cultural awareness to the workplace, gained through their experiences serving in diverse environments around the world as well as working with comrades from every background imaginable. The skills and perspective that is required of them to accomplish this fosters a mindset that is uniquely suited to respect others’ opinions and goals while still putting the goals of their organization first. This versatile mindset is particularly valuable in today’s interconnected world, as businesses increasingly operate across borders and cultures. Companies with a global presence actively seek employees who can navigate cultural nuances while keeping their own interests in mind.


6. Integrity

6 Helpful Skills Military Vets Bring To The Workplace

In addition to these skills, veterans are known for their personal integrity. They have a strong sense of duty and a commitment to doing what is right, even in the face of adversity. These values are ingrained in them through their military training and experiences, and they carry these principles with them into the civilian workforce. Employers can trust that veterans will act with integrity, uphold the highest standards, and remain committed to the success of the organization. The strong ethical foundation of veterans positively influences the ethical culture of the organizations they join, promoting transparency and accountability.


Military veterans bring a wealth of skills and attributes to the workplace, making them exceptional employees and leaders. Employers who can recognize these skills for what they are will be able to utilize year– sometimes decades of deeply rooted training. The tangible benefits of hiring veterans are evident across all industries. If there is a job that needs doing, there is a veteran that is trained and ready to do it.


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6 Helpful Skills Military Vets Bring to the Workplace Colt Parris