Online Graduation and Transcripts

Graduation and Completion Documents

Upon successful completion of their program the student is awarded a transcript and a certificate/diploma. In order to earn a certificate/diploma, a student must achieve a minimum average of 70% in the course. A certificate/diploma and an official transcript of record are furnished to the student at the conclusion of their course without charge. For additional copies, a nominal fee is charged. 

Honors Program

The Honors Program is for recognition of Blackstone Career Institute’s highest achieving students in the career training programs. Any student who attains a final average of 94–100% at the end of their career training program will qualify as graduating “with Distinction.” The diploma issued upon graduation will note this honor.


Blackstone Career Institute Graduates receive an official transcript with their graduation package. Additional transcripts are also available for a nominal fee. Please contact Student Services with your request. Official transcripts require adequate mailing instructions for proper delivery.

To learn more about graduation and transcripts, please visit our FAQ page or call a Blackstone Advisor directly at 800-826-9228 to enhance your education through our online certificate programs!