Success Stories: Blackstone Career Institute

At Blackstone Career Institute, nothing makes us happier than hearing how our training programs and continuing education courses are making a positive impact in the lives of our students and graduates. This is the primary purpose of the best online universities. Read what some of them have to say about our programs!


“I have to say Blackstone was absolutely perfect for my schedule. I was able to work on it when I had time and there was no pressure to have assignments turned in at a specific time. I had worked for over 12 years in the District Attorney’s office and recently switched over to the U.S. Attorney’s office. I have always wanted to further myself in this field and finally took the opportunity with Blackstone. This will make a huge difference in being able to pursue a paralegal position in my office. Blackstone really boosted my confidence in my ability to better myself. I am extremely happy with what Blackstone had to offer. Not only was the curriculum great, every single person I spoke with over the phone went out of their way to make it an even better experience for me.”     

– Amy, Paralegal

“Blackstone Career Institute helped me to achieve my goal of becoming a Medical Transcriptionist, which will afford me the ability to work from home to care for my child with Autism.”

– Danielle, Medical Transcription

Blackstone Career Institute is a very excellent school. Great job to the staff members.”     

– Niekesha, Dental Office Assistant

“As a military wife, with a job and a busy schedule, Blackstone worked perfectly for me! With Blackstone’s no chapter deadline date required completions, I was able to complete the course efficiently, but at my own pace. Sometimes that was quite quickly and sometimes at a slow and steady wins the race pace, but I did it! Had I gone with any other program, but Blackstone, I am fairly certain I would not have completed the course. Blackstone understood my life style and was built to allow me to accomplish what I wanted in a way other programs couldn’t even come close to offering me. Thank you Blackstone, for giving me a sense of accomplishment, a sense of self-worth and the opportunity to excel in this difficult job market.” 

–Laura, Child Care Provider

I am very pleased with my experience with Blackstone. Your staff has proven to be very knowledgeable and helpful. They have always been quick to answer any questions I had.” 

– Erin, Medical Office Assistant

Blackstone definitely brings hope to people who aspire to make positive changes in their lives.”   

– Susan, Medical Billing & Coding


The course was great. I enjoyed the ability to work at my own pace. I also enjoyed the prompt follow-up regarding any and all inquiries about the materials. Thanks for helping me to increase my skill set.” 

– Tillo, Paralegal

“Blackstone’s website was easy to manage and had great information in the course material to further my career and learn new things.”

          –  Kiersten, Vet Assistant

“My experience with Blackstone Career Institute was great. I loved studying in this field.”  

– Robyn, Physical Therapy Aide

“Blackstone Career Institute allowed me to finish schooling on my own time. Blackstone’s website was easy to navigate and the curriculum was very understandable.”      

– Ashley, Pharmacy Technician

“Blackstone is a great course to take especially if you are a stay at home mom. Very comprehensive training and most of all affordable. I don’t know why often online schools cost more when you get the same or better results with BCI.”      

– Anne Marie, Paralegal

“I found Blackstone to cover such a wealth of information on common law that I never knew before. The course moved quickly but thoroughly and was very interesting. Elaine in the office was fantastic as well. She was very helpful, always friendly and quick to respond to emails.”      

– Cheryl, Paralegal

“Never having enrolled in an online course before, I didn’t know what to expect. Choosing to enroll in Blackstone Career Institute is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

  • Everyone I contacted was friendly and more than willing to assist me.
  • I received prompt responses to my e-mails.
  • The tuition was reasonable.
  • The course took was thorough and very informative.
  • Even though it was an online course, I was able to complete it and earn my certificate without difficulty.
  • I completed the course at my own pace and finished well before the deadline date.
  • I am able to use the information I learned in my position at a doctor’s office.
  • I enjoyed learning through Blackstone Career Institute so much that I plan to take another course in the fall!
  • I would highly recommend Blackstone Career Institute to anyone!”      

– Lisa, Medical Office Assistant

“Blackstone Career Institute allowed me to finish schooling on my own time.”      

– Ashley, Pharmacy Technician

“This program is excellent and the materials given to the student are so easy to understand. I completed the program on my own time and didn’t feel rushed at all. I can’t wait to start my advanced studies.”      

– Diamond, Paralegal

“The staff were more helpful than any teacher I ever had in a classroom.”      

– Julie, Medical Office Assistant

“Excellent course. In depth with material presented and well put together. Easy to read. My husband who is an attorney was impressed with the comprehensiveness of the course.”      

– Claudia, Paralegal

“I very much enjoyed taking Blackstone Career Institutes Medical Billing and Coding course. Because of the economy I lost my job and had difficulty finding a new one. I decided I needed a career change and needed to find something I could learn in a reasonable amount of time and not be too expensive. I looked at a lot of schools and programs and found yours to be the best program for the money. I am glad I made the choice to go with Blackstone. I enjoyed meeting the challenges the course material provided. I look forward to working in the medical office and hope that I can continue to improve my skills. I would recommend Blackstone Career Institute to anyone. Blackstone will be my first choice if I need additional training in the Medical Billing and Coding field.”      

– Beth, Medical Billing and Coding

“I enjoyed the paralegal studies so much that I am considering taking another course offered through Blackstone. Highly satisfied!”      

– Devon, Paralegal

“Blackstone is a great choice for anyone wanting to jump start their future. Thank you for the opportunity to fulfill my goals.”      

– Latasha, Medical Billing and Coding

“I underestimated this course because it was self-paced. I’ve learned a lot and was able to retain what I read and apply it to the exams.”      

– Takisha, Practical Bankruptcy Law

“Blackstone was a great place to continue my education. I learned a lot that I can apply to my current job!”      

– Meghan, Real Estate Law

“I was impressed that I could do the work in my own time, at my pace and come away with an education that I could use right away.”      

– Robyn, Paralegal

“The course was very informative and gave me a clear understanding of Civil Litigation and the role of the Paralegal in assisting an attorney in court.     

– Elevia, Civil Litigation

“Blackstone makes it very easy to achieve goals through online courses. Being a stay at home mom it gave me something else to strive for and accomplish.     

–Autumn, Medical Billing and Coding

“Blackstone Career Institute has provided me with a learning experience that was convenient, informative, and life changing. Definitely a cherishable moment every step of the way.     

–Darryl, Paralegal

“Blackstone Career Institute’s response time is great and your answers to my requests and questions were prompt. I will eventually take all of your courses. Fast, friendly service. Thank you.     

–Sonny, Business & Corporate Law

“Blackstone is a wonderful school to learn and grow as a professional. I have enjoyed being a part of their education.     

–Anastacia, Medical Billing and Coding

“The staff was amazing giving me prompt responses to any questions I had.”      

–Kaitlynn, Paralegal

“Blackstone equals professionalism, cost-advantageous, time sensitive, and overall an excellent experience and education!     

–Kim, Paralegal

“Blackstone courses are the keys to advancing in the work field as a paralegal, utilizing its resources will take you far!     

–Olivia, Civil Litigation

“With Blackstone Career Institute you are not taking chances. I have learned a lot.     

–Carlos, Real Estate Law

“This course is excellent in academic direction/study…and works wonderfully for individuals that cannot attend on-campus programs.”      

–Ellaree, Paralegal

“This course has been extremely helpful and useful in my career. I am able to take what I’ve learned and use it on a daily basis in my paralegal career. Thank you for offering these courses.     

–David, Civil Litigation

“Blackstone’s paralegal course provides a thorough examination of all aspects of the law, with extensive discussion of the law’s origins. Students should be prepared for challenging coursework; this program is certainly not easy, but it is definitely rewarding for those seeking a career as a paralegal or other legal worker.     

–Alex Friedman, Managing Editor, Prison Legal News


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