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Your Check List Before Starting Career Training

If you are considering making a career change, there are a few things to consider when choosing an online career school. The training that you receive is only as valuable as the school that you are getting the training from. This check list will help you find schools that focus on quality and satisfaction to help you reach your career goals. Use this guide when looking for affordable online colleges.


The Check List

  1. Accreditation- a process that gives public recognition to institutions that meet a set of standards including approved programs of study, qualified instructors, sound finances, adequate facilities, equipment and approved admission policies. An accredited school delivers on its promises to its students everyday!

  2. History- new schools pop up all the time online, be sure that you choose a school that is already established and that has a long history of providing career training.  The newer schools may be struggling with accreditation and may not have established a proven track record.

  3. The training- be sure that the school that you choose offers the training that you need for the career that you want. Avoid programs with coursework that you do not need or a career field that does not interest you. Many affordable online colleges offer just what you need to improve your marketability.


Blackstone Career Institute is one of the best sources for online career training, checking off each number on this list and offering even more such as flexibility, affordability, certificate courses, continuing education courses, military support, a student support center, and more.