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LinkedIn has gained a strong foothold in the business world when it comes to finding connections and job opportunities. But, what is the most effective way to network with strangers without becoming a nuisance? Here are some tips to keep you LinkedIn!


1. Make a list

What companies interest you the most? Start following them on LinkedIn and look for users that work in the company. Make a message list of people you want to talk to about job opportunities within the company and/or the industry.


2. Don’t spam!

Instead of sending out the same mass email to potential employers, personalize your message to each one. If you know one of their LinkedIn connections, mention that person in your message. Do you research on the company and mention tidbits that show you’re informed (such as what job opportunities are available, a new project the firm is working on, a short news tidbit, etc.). Focus on building a relationship and not just on reaching an end goal.


3. Keep it short and sweet

Don’t beat around the bush! If you’re requesting information about a company or an open position, be clear about what you want to know. But, don’t forget to stay professional and polite. It is their choice if they want to take the time to respond, so only ask for a few minutes of their time.


Networking doesn’t have to be difficult, and can lead you to wonderful opportunities you may not have dreamed of! Check out these articles to learn more about connecting on LinkedIn:

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