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Gifting an Incarcerated Friend or Loved One Gift Guide


Life choices can take people in many directions, and one of the most disheartening places they can take someone behind bars. If you find your loved ones incarcerated, it is important to understand how to support them and get them through their rehabilitation process. 

Incarcerated individuals who participate in an education program while serving time are 43% less likely to be re-enter the system, studies show.

One of the most impactful ways to show your support and contribute positively to their future is by enrolling them in an educational program. Blackstone Career Institute’s Paralegal Correspondence program is an excellent option that not only offers valuable knowledge and skills but also provides a constructive way for incarcerated individuals to use their time. Let’s delve into the details of how this works and how it can be a beneficial gift.

Understanding the Enrollment Process

Enrolling an incarcerated individual in Blackstone’s Paralegal Correspondence Program is a straightforward process. There are a few ways that you may submit your application. You can choose to enroll online, call the student services center, or request that an enrollment agreement be mailed directly to the student. This flexibility ensures that regardless of your location or the location of your loved one, the enrollment process can be completed with ease. Blackstone looks to make this process as simple as possible. Once enrolled, course materials, designed to be soft-covered for more ease of entry into facilities, are promptly sent to the student, allowing them to begin their educational journey without problems. Materials are processed and sent out within a business day. Blackstone Career Institute’s shipping department stays up to date with facility mailing regulations to assist in the process. 


Tailored for Incarcerated Students

The program is specifically designed with the needs of incarcerated students in mind. The course materials are suitable for facility regulations, and the structure of the program is adapted to fit the unique circumstances of incarcerated learners. This thoughtful approach ensures that students can fully engage with the coursework without worrying about the logistical challenges often faced in correctional facilities.

Students have up to 2 years from their enrollment date to complete the course, allowing them time to finish at their own pace. 


Financial Accessibility

Blackstone makes it easy to invest in your loved one’s future without financial strain. With an initial enrollment fee of just $59 and various monthly payment plan options, the program is accessible to individuals from any financial background. This affordability is crucial in making education a realistic option for many incarcerated individuals and their families, while ensuring that, when incarcerated, the individual regains their freedom they are able to make a life for themselves and their families.


The Benefits of Legal Education

The Paralegal Program offers comprehensive legal education, including the 900 clock hours of coursework needed for key paralegal certifications. This education is not just about acquiring legal knowledge; it’s about developing critical thinking, analytical skills, and a deeper understanding of the legal system. These skills are invaluable, whether the student wishes to pursue a career in the legal field or simply wants to be more informed about their own legal situation.


Preparing for the Future

Participation in educational programs like Blackstone’s can have a significant impact on an incarcerated individual’s future prospects. It demonstrates a commitment to personal growth and rehabilitation, which can be influential during parole hearings and in future job searches. Education is a powerful tool that can open doors to new opportunities and provide a pathway to a more stable and fulfilling life post-release.


Opportunities After Release

Upon completion of the program, graduates find themselves equipped with the knowledge and credentials to pursue various opportunities. Many graduates have successfully obtained paralegal positions, with some finding employment through connections made during their incarceration or court proceedings. While employment is subject to the employer’s discretion and the nature of the individual’s offense, the skills and knowledge gained through the program significantly enhance employability.


Enrolling an incarcerated friend or loved one in Blackstone Career Institute’s Correspondence Paralegal Program is a gift that offers more than just education; it offers hope and a pathway to a better future. It’s an opportunity for them to use their time constructively, gain valuable skills, and prepare for a successful reintegration into society. By choosing this gift, you’re not just providing educational materials; you’re opening doors to new possibilities and showing your belief in their potential.

Gifting an Incarcerated Friend or Loved One Gift Guide