8 Simple Job Hunting Tips to Successfully Land a Career

Looking for a job can almost be like a job, but it does not have to be that way. When you get started on this journey, you want to come up with a streamlined process to make it much easier both on you and in finding the job you desire. With the internet, looking for a job is not as difficult as it used to be. Let’s take a look at different ways of looking for a job and how to make that a more enjoyable and easier process.

How To Search for a Job in a Career Field

1 – Research the companies of the careers you are interested in pursuing. Go ahead and start to make a list of every company you know that is available in that industry. You can look locally or even nationally for companies in your area. Once you have made this list, start to research them and find out more about them. Find out if working at that company is really something you want to pursue.

2 – Tailor your resume to each position. There used to be a time when one resume was enough, but times have changed. You need to have a resume that shows you are qualified for each position you are interested in. There are different skills required and your resume needs to showcase those skills. Look at the job descriptions and be sure that your resume contains all of the necessary skills.

3 – Get organized. You might not have a job currently and be able to dedicate a great deal of time to your job search or you may be working and so your time is limited. The best way to know what you need to do each day in your search is to be organized. Get a daily planner and/or notebook, or create a spreadsheet and keep track of everything you do to stay on track.

4 – Don’t just stick to online applications. Yes, looking online is easy and convenient, but you might have to get out into your community and look for jobs there also. That is why making a list of companies you are interested in is beneficial. You can research what there is locally, as well as look online for other companies.

One thing to remember, not all jobs will be listed online or are not going to be listed yet, so go ahead and get your name in there for the job. If there is a company you are interested in, go ahead and find out the contact information and get that resume submitted to them. You never know when a position you are looking for will open up.

5 – Prepare for all interviews. This means everything from having the right attire ready to knowing what to say. Let’s face it, interviews are uncomfortable, but you need to look at it as a company would be honored to have you work for them. You have a great deal to offer, so don’t forget that. Practice for your interviews by googling typical interview questions to get you started. And be sure your clothing is ready! Do not wait until the last minute to get those clothes out! There could be tears or stains and that can start it off on the wrong foot!

6 – Write thank-you notes afterwards. If you really, and I mean really, want the position, send a thank-you note. Nothing says, “I want this job more”, than a handwritten thank-you note. Be sure you have some thank-you notes on hand when starting this process and have them ready to send after your interviews.

7 – Continue to follow-up. You sent the thank-you note and now what? You need to follow-up with the hiring manager. Most places will have a timeline in place of when they want to fill this job. Some will tell you, some will not. There is nothing wrong with checking back after a week or so to find out the status of the job. This lets them know you are interested and if you have not found a job yet, it could be just what gets your foot in the door.

8 – Do not get discouraged if it takes longer than you think. You might hear “no” more times than you wish, and it might not happen as fast as you would like, but don’t lose hope. Keep trying and researching and working on your daily job search goals and soon, the one you are looking for will find you!

It is hard when looking for a job. You cannot let yourself get down. Always stay positive when looking, and keep looking. Be open to all of the places you can look f and exhaust every option out there. It might take a little time, but finding a position in a career you like is well worth the wait!


Written by Kara Silvers, CPC, CPC-I