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Success for Distance Education: 7 Tips to Get the Best Online Training

Online career training, just like traditional classroom learning, has its own challenges. While the challenges may be unique to distance education, the obstacles are undeniably present. Blackstone Career Institute wants to offer you helpful tips on how to succeed in your online career training programs.

1. Determination

Like all things in life, you must be determined and committed to your goals if you want to meet them. Think about why you want to gain additional education and use this as your motivating force. This will also help you push through the harder or more challenging times. Determination is a resolved or fixed attention to overcome obstacles. If you are determined, then you are willing to face and overcome challenges in order to reach the end result. Make yourself more determined by repeating positive, encourage statements of truth to yourself.


2. Resources

Online career training programs with BCI provides students with various tools and resources that are required to study online. You can download apps to a mobile device, initiate chat sessions with student service staff, engage in online discussion forums with faculty and other students, or browse the additional videos/links within each student center for supplementary tools or references. By using the resources offered, you will maximize your experience by gaining the knowledge the course offers.


3. Tech-Savvy

Obtaining an online degree means you must have the proper equipment and knowledge to use it. BCI’s online career courses are compatible with any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone/mobile device. All materials are accessible online so be sure to have a strong internet connection when logging into your student portal. Additionally, cookies will need to be enabled on your web browser in order to access the online student portal. If you are less computer savvy, do not worry! BCI provides a tutorial video for students to watch that shows how to access coursework and more. This tutorial will help limit your frustration and stress levels so you can fully enjoy your online course.


4. Managing Time

Online education gives you the benefit of flexibility. There are no deadlines or due dates for course work in any BCI program. Additionally, we offer open enrollment which means you can enroll at any time and set your own graduation date and goals! Our education is designed to fit into your schedule and your lifestyle. To help you manage your time, our Student Handbook provides a breakdown of a recommended study schedule based on the number of units and exams in your course. Maintain this schedule on your computer or smartphone by setting reminders to help hold yourself accountable.  If you need assistance, our Student Services are available through phone, email, or chat.


5. Proofread

Distance education requires students to submit the coursework online. Exams are taken through the online student portal and are graded immediately. It is a great habit to double and triple check your answers before hitting “submit.” If you course includes homework assignments, those can be emailed for grading by using software like Google docs, Word, Outlook, etc. This gives you plenty of opportunities to proofread your work using spellcheck and other apps. Make sure all work is free of grammatical errors.


6. Stay Connected

Today, online courses offer many options to connect with your instructor, our staff and other students. We recommend taking advantage of these opportunities to stay on top of your coursework and assignments. Communicate online through discussion boards, chat and social media.


7. Downtime

Often times, you may find yourself with some time in between submitting course work and receiving access to the next unit. Use this time wisely by reviewing previous course material or by taking a short break from your studies. Both of these options have proven to increase the ability to retain information long term. These are the types of study habits that will pay off for you throughout your career.

Follow these 7 tips for online courses and you will find success in your online studies achievable.


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