Paralegal Program for the Incarcerated

Inmate Paralegal courseInmate Paralegal course

Paralegal Program for the Incarcerated


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You can enroll your loved one for just $59 down. We do offer 2 monthly payment plan options. Click here to learn more

Getting Started Guide


This resource guide is designed for sponsors like you! This guide will explain how the program works once the student is enrolled in our correspondence program.

Graduate Michael Harris who was incarcerated in Arizona is now a legal administrator/paralegal

at Saldivar & Associates, PLLC in Phoenix.


“While everyone else was counting the days, I
was using the time to my advantage”

Read Michael’s Full Story

Certification Matters

Our nationally accredited Paralegal certificate program includes the 900 clock hours of coursework needed to sit for the Accredited Legal Professional (ALP) exam and/or the Professional Paralegal (PP) certification, given by NALS…the association for legal professionals. Graduates will also meet the accredited business/legal course criteria needed to sit for the Certified Legal Assistant/Certified Paralegal (CLA/CP) exam given by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). Graduates must meet all parole obligations prior to sitting for the CLA/CP exam.

How do I qualify for Good Time or Earned Time Credits?

Students may qualify for earned time. We recommend you consult with the Education Director at your facility for eligibility and the policies that apply in each state.

For additional information, you can check with the National Conference of State Legislatures

What are IDOC rules?

According to the Illinois Department of Corrections: after individuals successfully complete the Blackstone Paralegal Certificate Program and provide successful completion of the program to the facility administration, an award may be recommended for 180 days of Earned Program Sentence Credit.

To assess each student’s knowledge and ensure all students have met the level of understanding of the objectives presented in this program, the successful completion of a proctored final examination is required to receive a Paralegal Certificate from Blackstone Career Institute. Once a student completes all Paralegal coursework, meets all financial obligations, and all required documentation is in the student’s academic record, the student is then eligible to take a proctored final examination.

In order to secure a proctor for the final examination, students must communicate with the Volunteer Coordinator at their facility. The student should then work with the Volunteer Coordinator to attain a proctor for the final examination. It should be noted that any employee of the facility is not eligible to be the proctor for the student.

What is the average completion time?

The Blackstone Paralegal Course, rich in content, is a program that on average takes students 12-14 months to complete. While we have had some students finish the entire course in a shorter period of time, this is not the norm and it has been proven that educational retention suffers.  Blackstone’s policy states that a student may not complete the Paralegal Course in less than four (4) months. The period begins on the date of the student’s enrollment.

Do you offer payment plans? What is the tuition?

Our Correspondence Paralegal Program offers 3 payments plan options:

Plan A – Pay in Full – $885
Plan B – $59 Monthly Payments – $59 down & 14 Monthly Payments of $59, total $885
Plan C – $30 Monthly Payments – $59 down, 27 Monthly Payments of $30, with a final payment of $16, total $885

There are 14 volumes that are mailed to the student. The payment option you choose determines the frequency of shipments. Here are more details:

Plan A – Pay in Full – Three volumes are shipped to the student. Once the student completes the coursework in the first three volumes, the next set of 3 is shipped.
Plan B – $59 Monthly Payments – One volume is shipped per each monthly payment received.
Plan C – $30 Monthly Payments – One volume is shipped every two months per payment received.

Is it possible for an incarcerated student to find employment as a Paralegal after their release?

We hear from many of our incarcerated graduates that they obtained paralegal positions once released. In fact, many have found positions with attorneys they met while incarcerated or during their court proceedings.

Paralegal employment is up to the employer’s discretion and also depends on the nature of the applicant’s offense. You may be limited in your capacity to obtain certain positions within the federal and state government. In addition to having the knowledge that our program provides, you will need other skills that employers are looking for, such as professionalism and good verbal and written communication skills.

Incarcerated individuals choose to take our paralegal program for various reasons. They realize the value of continuing their education, they want to become more knowledgeable in understanding their own case, or they want to show the parole board that they are working for positive change.

Securing employment is possible. However, education is never a guarantee of employment, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

How do I get my friend or loved one started in the Paralegal program?

You can enroll the student one of three ways:
1) Enroll Online, Anytime. Simply click here
2) Call our student center at 800.826.9228 to speak with a student representative
3) Request an enrollment agreement be mailed to the student. Simply click here to request information.

How does the program work once I enroll the student?

After you enroll your friend or loved one in our Correspondence Paralegal Program, you will receive two emails. The first email is the enrollment agreement and tuition protection policy. The second email is the login information for the online account. The online account is a convenience for sponsors to check the student’s progress and shipments. The first shipment of course material is mailed priority to the student the following business day. To learn more, please click here for our Getting Started Guide.

Send my loved one information

  • The legal knowledge gained through our Paralegal certificate program may provide opportunities to make money while incarcerated and once released
  • Incarcerated individuals may qualify for earned time – consult with the facility education director for eligibility and the policies that apply in each state
  • Research shows that serving productive time by increasing education reduces recidivism