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Paralegal Certificate Online“While everyone else was counting the days, I was using the time to my advantage.”Michael Harris
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Paralegal Certificate for Inmates – Inmate Education Program

Blackstone’s accredited Paralegal Certificate Program enables students to learn about the law and the paralegal field by studying at their own pace and at their facility. It is reasonably priced, can be completed in less than a year and provides information that can be put into practice while incarcerated and once released. No computers, proctors, or facility instructors are required. We use soft-covered books and materials for ease of entry into most state prisons, federal penitentiaries, county jails, and other institutions.

Blackstone’s Paralegal Certificate Program Perks

  • The legal knowledge gained through our Paralegal certificate program may provide opportunities to make money while incarcerated and once released
  • Offenders may qualify for earned time – consult with the education director for eligibility and the policies that apply in each state
  • Research shows that serving productive time by increasing education reduces recidivism

Paralegal Certification Matters

Our nationally accredited Paralegal certificate program includes the 900 clock hours of coursework needed to sit for the Accredited Legal Professional (ALP) exam and/or the Professional Paralegal (PP) certification, given by NALS…the association for legal professionals.  Graduates will also meet the accredited business/legal course criteria needed to sit for the Certified Legal Assistant/Certified Paralegal (CLA/CP) exam given by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA).*

*Graduates must meet all parole obligations prior to sitting for the CLA/CP exam.

  • Prerequisite: High School or General Equivalency Diploma
  • Study Method: Mail correspondence
  • Program Length: Completion time ranges from 4-18 months, with students given the option of up to 24 months if needed.

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