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Basic Bankruptcy Law for Paralegals

$ 252.00

Explains bankruptcy cases from the perspective of the debtor, trustee, and creditor. Covers special rules and procedures that must be followed in each case from commencement to closing.

Fundamentals of Litigation for Paralegals

$ 143.00

This text presents a thorough picture of the litigation process from the first encounter with the client through all the steps of the trial. Includes examples of motions, pleadings, and discovery requests.

Real Estate and Property Law for Paralegals

$ 207.00

Covers recording / describing property, transference of title, elements of real estate contracts, title insurance and title examinations, the closing process, mortgages, deeds, and basic landlord / tenant law.

Writing to Win: The Legal Writer

$ 16.99

Teaches ways of improving arguments; addresses litigation and technical writing in all its forms. Includes examples of effective (and ineffective) real-life writing.