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Splashing into Summer — Tips, Tricks, and Fun Facts!

Here we go splashing into the season of friends’ barbeques, kids’ pool parties, neighborhood get-togethers, and family picnics. In between stock piling our sunscreen, aloe, and shades we have waves of summer activities to prepare for. Whether you kick off summer by dipping your toes into the festivities or if you jump right in to all the fun, Blackstone Career Institute wants to make your summer a breeze with a few tips, tricks, and fun facts.

Do This, Not That: Tips on Sunscreen

Some fresh tips and reminders about sunscreen brands, application methods, and more to help your skin stay as healthy as possible through the summer scorch.

Don’t Use:

× Sunscreen above SPF 30 doesn’t guarantee any higher ability to screen UVA rays

× Be wary with spray cans as it is easy to inhale or miss a spot

× Brands with the ingredient “oxybenzone” — this harmful chemical can get into the blood stream, cause allergic reactions, and can mimic estrogen in the body.

× In case of sun burn, avoid all urges to scratch and peel your skin or pop any blisters. Allow these skin irritations to naturally rupture or fall off — forcing it increases difficulty for your skin to heal evenly and without scars.

Do Use:

√ SPF 30

√ Brands that use zinc oxide, simple ingredients lists

√ Reapply every two hours including water proof brands, apply at least 15-30 minutes before going outside. Use additional cover-ups such as a shirt, hat, or umbrella shade.

√ In case of sun burn, make sure you’re staying hydrated, ibuprofens can help bring the redness and any swelling or pain down but they also make your skin more sensitive to the sun so take appropriate precautions. Moisturize your skin with a product of your choice. If your skin does not appear to be healing well, see your dermatologist.

DIY Trick: Easy Yard/Beach Games

Check out two hot summer yard games and don’t miss out on all the fun! Whether you need quick access to these popular games or are on a low budget, here’s the DIY recipe to make games in your backyard! If you are looking for more thrill in game then have a go at playing poker online with your friends using mobile apps or other methods mentioned on this poker website

Kan-Jam: Two trash cans of any size and one or two Frisbees are all you need to play this game! The original Kan-Jam uses cans that are about hip-level on an adult. A tashcan too small might increase the difficulty of the game while a trash can too large may make the game too easy. The original cans also have a slit just wide and long enough for a Frisbee to be thrown into it. It is up to you if you desire to cut a slit into your cans, but the game can be played the same without it (some people like having the challenge available).

Backyard Bowling: Simply take 10 plastic 2-liter bottles, remove the labels, and paint them any color you want! you can use tape to make stripes on the pins if you desire. Fill the bottom of the bottles with beans or sand to put a little weight in them (the heavier they are, the harder it is to knock them over). Use any type of outdoor sports ball to bowl with! You can also easily covert this game into a ring toss with glow sticks as rings.

Fun Fact: Eating These foods can help hydrate you

  • zucchini

  • watermelon

  • strawberries

  • celery

  • cucumbers

  • radishes

  • spinach

  • cantaloupe

Surprise! Iced coffee is a great way to stay cool and energized throughout your long summer days. Many people thought the sugar and caffeine in coffee caused dehydration, but recent studies show this only goes in affect if you drink more than 7 cups a day (or 500-600 miligrams).

Eating spicy foods can help you cool your body down, too! The extra hot kick raises your internal body temperature, making you sweat. This will cause your whole body to cool down from the outside, which still keep you cooler longer than consuming a glass of water or dish of ice cream would. What do you think: is it worth it?

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