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8 Paralegal Skills Critical to Succeed

8 Paralegal Skills Critical to Succeed The following list outlines eight of the top paralegal skills necessary for success. J. Hauck, JD, CPO, CII, LPI, and Paralegal Instructor at Blackstone Career Institute drafted this list. Mastering these core competencies can help you become a paralegal or advance in your current workplace giving you a competitive…

law school

Stuck in a Law School Bubble?

Stuck in a Law School Bubble? Consider Blackstone’s Online Paralegal Certificate Program!   There are other options besides Law School. Education that teaches you how to become a Paralegal should not cost you a fortune.  Nor should this type of education take up years of your time.  Luckily, there are accredited online universities that grant…

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Medical Billing vs. Coding | Blackstone Career Institute

What is the Difference between Medical Billing and Medical Coding? With our fantastic reputation among online medical billing and coding schools, Blackstone Career Institute offers students the ability to obtain their medical billing and coding certification to enter today’s competitive health information industry, prepared! As our Blackstone students know, medical billing and coding are referred…