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Medical Billing vs. Coding | Blackstone Career Institute

What is the Difference between Medical Billing and Medical Coding? With our fantastic reputation among online medical billing and coding schools, Blackstone Career Institute offers students the ability to obtain their medical billing and coding certification to enter today’s competitive health information industry, prepared! As our Blackstone students know, medical billing and coding are referred…

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Credentialing Exams For Blackstone Medical Transcription Graduates

Credentialing Exams for Blackstone Medical Transcription Graduates By P. Ireland, CMT, AHDI-F Medical Transcription Consultant, Instructor You’ve Completed Your Medical Transcription Training! What’s Next? Now that you have earned your certificate of completion from the Blackstone Medical Transcription course, you are ready to sit for the RHDS credential, one of the Credentialing exams for the…

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Unspoken Paralegal Expectations

  Unspoken Paralegal Expectations By J. Hauck, Paralegal Instructor EXPECTATIONS Law firms, like most employers, carry spoken and unspoken expectations of their paralegal employees. A higher paying firm will be more likely to place greater expectations on an employee’s responsibilities. Many good lawyers echo the famous sentiment, “To whom much is given, much is required.”…