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Key Facts To Know About the MyCAA Program for Military Spouses

Overview of the MyCAA Program

Are you the spouse of an active-duty United States military member? Do you want to pursue education to train for a career field that makes you qualified to find employment wherever you are located? You need to check out the government funded program available to military spouses for online education and training.

The Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) program (also sometimes referred to as the MyCAA scholarship program) is available to the husband or wife of active-duty military members to obtain certifications, licenses, or associate degrees in fields such as healthcare, legal, and dentistry, or to continue their education.

Offered through the United States Department of Defense and the Department of Labor, the MyCAA program provides education funding up to $4,000 per individual for spouses that meet the eligibility requirements. Spouses of active members of the National Guard may also be eligible.

Who Qualifies for the MyCAA?

Information about who qualifies for the MyCAA program can be found on the U.S. Department of Defense website. As a spouse of an active military member, you will need to create a personal profile and complete the Defense Enrollment Eligibility System (DEERS) check as part of the application for MyCAA funding and to verify your eligibility.

Among the qualifying criteria are: “Spouses of service members on active duty in pay grades E-1 to E-6, W-1 to W-2, and O-1 to O-3 who have successfully completed high school and have the ability to request tuition assistance while their military sponsor is on Title 10 military orders are eligible. The first 1,250 approved applicants in pay grades E-6 and O-3 will receive MyCAA financial assistance based on available funding.”

Spouses of the National Guard and/or Army Guard Reserve members who are on federal Title 10 active-duty orders as reported in the DEERS may also qualify.

In addition, remember that the G.I. Bill® also provides funding for education when service members transfer unused education benefits to immediate family members (spouse or children).

What to Look for When Enrolling in a Program

Make sure the career education program that you are going to enroll in is a MyCAA-approved education program and school. Check the listing of MyCAA participating and approved schools and the types of career training and certification or degree programs that they offer before you enroll.

Course training is online and can be completed from anywhere. The time to complete the coursework for specific programs varies. Explore the careers that are available for funding through the MyCAA Program. Find a program and school that matches your interests and offers licenses, certificates, and/or degrees. Then, create a personalized education and training plan.

Since there are numerous organizations and schools that offer career training programs online, also make sure that the school or university you choose is accredited. Accreditation means that the institution has met the required educational standards to provide the coursework and correct training to ready students for their chosen careers. As well, accrediting bodies provide suggestions to the organization for improvements in their educational programs over time. Find out if and how the school prepares students to take certification and licensing exams required by your chosen career field’s licensing organization.

Blackstone Career Institute (BCI) is a leader in online education and is an approved MyCAA school offering programs for active military spouses that include careers as a paralegal, legal nurse consultant, medical billing and coding specialist, medical transcription specialist, pharmacy technician, medical office assistant, and dental office assistant. BCI has also been named a military-friendly school which means they offer financial assistance and support to the military and veterans to enhance the workforce. Check out the BCI Military Education for Spouses Program brochure for information on the MyCAA programs available.

Explore the Time It Takes to Complete the Program

Once you decide on which online career diploma, certificate, or degree program you would like to pursue, keep in mind the length of time needed to complete the program and your personal and family schedule. Most online programs allow you the freedom to work at your own pace; some have to be completed within a specific time frame. Depending on what career path you are choosing, and whether you are obtaining a degree or certification, the time for program completion can vary from six months to 14 months or longer. Consider how much time you can commit to education training, when you can realistically complete the program, and how soon you want to be employed in your career.

Benefits of MyCAA-Approved Programs

In addition to supportive financial funding, you will be enrolling in training programs that will qualify you for highly portable and in-demand careers when completed. Other benefits include long-term career paths with opportunities for advancement in a chosen career, fully online coursework, and training that can be accomplished anywhere.

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