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5 Easy Steps to Medical Office Certification Through NHA® (CMAA Certification)

Medical office assistants play a crucial role in healthcare offices. They hold a variety of responsibilities, including answering calls and scheduling appointments, greeting patients, updating patient information, and operating office software. Without medical office assistants, most healthcare offices would not be able to function.

To become a medical office assistant, you can obtain a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) certification from the National Healthcareer Association (NHA®). To become certified, you must take a CMAA exam through NHA which you are only eligible to take if you meet the requirements.

Medical office assistants have the opportunity to make an impact on lives every day. The median salary for medical office assistant positions is over $38,000, and you will learn a valuable skillset that transfers well to a variety of other careers. The health services industry is rapidly expanding, and there is a strong need for medical office assistants. If you’re looking to fast-track your path to a stable and fulfilling career, starting a medical office assistant training program like the one offered by Blackstone Career Institute could be the right choice.

Check out the five easy steps to complete to become a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant below.

Step 1: Take a Medical Administrative Assistant Training or Education Program

Before you can take the NHA exam for CMAA certification, you must complete a training program that is specifically designed for medical office assistants or already have a certain amount of work experience in the field according to the criteria. You also must have a High School Diploma or GED. Blackstone’s Medical Office Assistant program prepares its students for entry-level employment in the field.

In Blackstone’s Medical Office Assistant program, you will learn the fundamentals of the profession and be prepared to sit for the CMAA exam. Plus, Blackstone covers the registration fee to sit for the NHA exam if you complete the program. The training program takes an average of 4-12 months to complete.

Step 2: Set a Date and Pay the Fee

Once you have completed a training program or have the required experience, you are ready to sign up for the test. You can head over to the NHA website to set up an account and see times for CMAA exams. NHA also provides study materials including study guides and practice exams which you can purchase for an additional cost.

If you completed the Medical Office Assistant training program through Blackstone Career Institute, your exam fee will be covered by Blackstone. When you create an online account with NHA®, you will see the option to select your school or training program that will be paying your exam fee.

Step 3: Study!

While the Medical Office Assistant training program will give you the general knowledge and skillset needed to take the CMAA certification exam and begin working in the field, it is still critical to study hard in the weeks leading up to your exam date.

Our training program will provide you with exam prep materials and can be used alongside the materials directly provided by the NHA. Studying for the exam is when you recall everything you learned in your training program and make sure it is fresh on your mind when you take the test.

Be sure to follow the study tips below to make the most of your time before the NHA exam:

  • Start studying early with a broad review of the material, then begin to dive into more specific areas of study.
  • Find fellow students or another study “buddy” to hold you accountable throughout the preparatory process.
  • Identify and work with your learning style to retain information efficiently. This means finding out whether visual learning, flash cards, or other study techniques work best for you.

Step 4: Take the Exam

Exams can be taken at PSI testing centers near you, or online from your home via a live remote proctoring setup. People who prefer to take an exam in-person can visit the NHA website to see a list of the available dates, times, and locations for CMAA certification exams.

Step 5: Get Your Result and Become Certified

Once you take your exam, NHA will post your results to your account portal within two days of when they score your test. If you pass, you will receive the CMAA certification and can begin your career as a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant.

Why Choose Blackstone for Medical Office Assistant?

The Medical Office Assistant program at Blackstone Career Institute is a fully accredited program that can be completed in 4-12 months. The only prerequisites are a high school diploma or GED. The program is highly affordable, flexible, and self-paced. Our Medical Office Assistant course curriculum is designed to set you up for success on your CMAA certification exam through NHA. At Blackstone, we are here to support you in your dream of becoming a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant.


Written by Adam Wernham

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