If you want to work in the medical field, but are not interested in becoming a nurse or doctor, a medical office assistant is a great choice. As a medical assistant you will be working in a rewarding and in-demand career. Medical assistants work in a variety of places, such as hospitals, doctor’s offices and nursing homes. A medical office assistant program prepares you to work in a medical office by educating you on the various tasks required to maintain an organized medical office. Online universities will make this possible for you.

Different Types of Medical Assistants

When selecting a medical office assistant program it is important to understand the two primary types of medical assistant employment options, administrative medical assistant and clinical medical assistant. Both are important positions in this field, but they perform two entirely different tasks.

Administrative Medical Assistant

Enrolling in an administrative medical office assistant program will train you to handle different types of office records. Your role will be to help the medical office maintain medical records and to fill out the appropriate insurance paperwork. Typically, you will also be responsible for handling the scheduling, arranging for laboratory testing and results as well as basic clerical tasks, such as appointment scheduling and answering the telephones.

Clinical Medical Assistant

If you opt to enroll in a Medical Office Assistant Program with an emphasis on clinical medical assistant duties, after completing the program, your tasks will include some type of contact with the patients. Each state varies on the duties allowed as a clinical medical assistant. For example, in some situations you will be required to talk with patients about their medical history and/or record patient vital signs. Some states allow clinical medical assistants to work directly with patients to provide education on diet and exercise. In addition to working directly with patients, you may also be required to clean and disinfect waiting rooms and maintain the office supplies. If you are interested in working as a clinical medical assistant, it is essential to check with your state to determine what type of tasks you will be allowed to do after completing the program.

The courses for a medical office assistant program will vary, depending on whether you choose to earn a certification in an administrative or clinical aspect. However, both programs typically include courses, such as lab techniques, first aid and insurance processing. Medical office assistant programs can often be completed in under a year and they are available as online courses. It is important to select an online school which is accredited and offers flexibility in the amount of time to complete a program. Trusted online universities can give you the leverage you need to advance your career.