Incarcerated students can broaden their legal knowledge with BCI's Accredited Advanced Paralegal courses

Available Payment Plans

1. You can choose to pay the $455 tuition in full or;

2. We offer a payment plan with a 100% approval rate for our advanced paralegal courses—you will pay a $160.00 down payment & 5 monthly payments of $59.00.


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Financial Assistance

Blackstone has a long history of providing high quality, affordable and accessible education to incarcerated individuals. We believe in freedom through education evidenced by thousands of our incarcerated students and graduates who have changed their lives by choosing to take a course with Blackstone Career Institute.

● BCI Payment Plans Our all-inclusive online certificate programs offer payment plans with no interest.

● Sponsorship You can support an incarcerated individual's educational goals by enrolling them in any of our Advanced Paralegal Courses. Student's can take more than one course at a time. As their sponsor, you will have access to the student's account information once they are enrolled. If you have questions about becoming a sponsor, please email us at

Each Advanced course is shipped via U.S.P.S. and is self-paced. Students have 6 months to complete their course. Blackstone requires students provide a copy of their High School Diploma or GED. 


How long does it take to complete the program?

Our average student takes between 4 and 6 months to complete an Advanced Paralegal course. The minimum completion time is 1 month. Some complete in less time and others take longer. This is one of the major advantages of studying independently—you set the pace.



Is it possible for an incarcerated student to find employment as a Paralegal after their release?

We often hear from graduates who were incarcerated indicating that they obtained positions as paralegals upon their release. In fact, many of them state they have found positions with attorneys they met while incarcerated or during their court proceedings. Obviously, it would be up to the employer’s discretion and will depend on the nature of the particular offense. He or she may be limited in their capacity to obtain certain positions within the federal and state government or positions that require a two-year or four-year degree. In addition to having the knowledge that our program provides, other skills that employers are looking for, such as professionalism and good verbal and written communication skills are needed. Inmates choose to take our course for various reasons. They realize the value of continuing their education, they want to become more knowledgeable in understanding their own case, or they want to show the parole board that they are working for positive change. Securing employment is possible. However, the student will need to be realistic in his or her expectations. Education is never a guarantee of employment, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.



What is required to graduate and receive the certificate?

Students must satisfactorily complete all exams as well as have the tuition paid in full to graduate. Our staff is available through written correspondence to provide whatever support needed to meet this goal. A student who is committed to finishing should have no problem doing so.



How much is tuition?

You can choose to pay the $455 tuition in full or; We offer a payment plan with a 100% approval rate for our advanced paralegal courses—you will pay a $160.00 down payment & 5 monthly payments of $59.00.



Are there physical textbooks included in the program?

Yes! Students will receive one commercial textbook and one Blackstone Study Guide to complete all of the exams. This material is shipped all-together the following business day after the student has registered.



How are course materials mailed?

Students who enroll in an Advanced Course can expect one shipment which will include everything they need for the program. This shipment is sent with tracking through the United States Postal Service. Typical Shipping Time is 7-10 business days. The materials include a commercial textbook valued at $160 and a Blackstone Study Guide. 



What happens if the student is transferred or released?

We are aware that incarcerated students may be transferred to other facilities or be released during their enrollment with Blackstone. The student and/or sponsor should contact Blackstone as soon as possible to notify of an upcoming transfer or release. This will allow the school to hold material if needed or send any course material to the new location.



Can students take a break from their studies due to illness or other issues?

Leaves of absence for a maximum of three months will be granted for good cause. Requests should be made in writing to the Student Services Department. A leave of absence does not extend the required time for completion nor suspend the tuition payment plan. A course extension is available for a nominal fee if two years is not sufficient time to complete your studies.



How can I get a friend or loved one started?

The easiest way to enroll a student is online. You may also call us at 800-826-9228 to enroll by phone or you may use the printed enrollment agreement and mail to our office. Please make sure all information on the enrollment is correct, especially the student’s name, DOC/inmate number, and correct mailing address. If there are any special shipping/mailroom requirements at the facility, please contact our office to inform our staff.


Students choose to take our course for a variety of reasons. They realize the value of continuing their education, they want to become more knowledgeable in understanding their own case, or they want to show the parole board they are working for positive change.

*Blackstone’s certificate courses have been designed for the purpose of professional growth, personal enrichment and continuing education. They are approved by our national and regional accreditors, however they are separate from our Pennsylvania licensure.


- Lower rate of recidivism

- Higher self-esteem

- A means to transition into society.

- Increased Employment Prospects.

- More marketable job skills.



Our Advanced Paralegal Courses are designed for both professional development and to meet the continuing legal education (CLE) needs of practicing paralegals. Each advanced paralegal studies course has been reviewed by NALS - the association of legal professionals, and can be applied to the five-year PLS and PP recertification.

If you are a Certified Paralegal (CP) through NALA, the National Association of Legal Assistants, each advanced course is worth 20 hours toward the 50 hours of Continuing Legal Education needed for paralegal recertification.

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