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Have the perfect resume, but a less than stellar record when it comes to getting employed? Here are a few reasons why you’re having trouble leaving the unemployment zone:


1. You have a bad attitude.

It’s normal to feel angry or depressed after losing a job, but letting a bad attitude affect your chance at the future will only leave you in a vicious circle. If you were fired, assess the reasons why and focus on how you can improve. Laid off? Remember that it was a business decision, and not an employer’s personal choice. Letting yourself become stuck in past mistakes will only harm you when job hunting.


2. You’re evasive.

Always answer the question, and be as straight forward as possible. Beating around the bush when it comes to answering what your weaknesses are will only make it look like you’re trying to hide something, or haven’t prepared for the question. Think about what your flaws as an employee are and then think about what you’ve done to overcome them. An employer will appreciate your honesty and your hindsight.


3. You’re unprepared.

Don’t forget to study up on the company before the interview. Walking in without any knowledge on what the company does or who their customers/providers are shows your potential employer that you’re not interested in this opportunity. Be thorough, and come up with questions to ask the interviewer that pertain to the company as a whole instead of what you can do for them specifically.


4. You didn’t follow directions.

Make sure to follow all of the directions in the posting. One of the most appealing aspects in an employee is whether or not you can follow directions. It creates a good impression and it saves the interviewer time and frustration.


5. You interview poorly.

Arguing with the interviewer, chewing gum, and dressing down are definitely not going to increase your chances of scoring a job. Even if you are interviewing for a lower-level position, dressing up and coming prepared with a resume and references shows your potential employer that you care. Following up with a thank-you note or email for the opportunity creates a positive impression that will help you stand out among other candidates.

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