Paralegal Program for the Incarcerated

Incarcerated individuals from over 1,800 facilities across the nation have already turned
to Blackstone to further their education.

Students choose to take our course for a variety of reasons. They realize the value of continuing their education,
they want to become more knowledgeable in understanding their own case, or they want to show the parole
board they are working for positive change.

Tuition Payment Plans Incarcerated Students

Blackstone Career Institute makes it easy to receive a quality education at an affordable cost. Our Paralegal Certificate course includes 14 Volumes of Modern American Law which are mailed directly to the student’s facility. The payment plan option you choose determines the frequency of shipments. Most Sponsor’s choose Payment Plan B which ships one volume every month as opposed to Plan C, which ships one volume every other month. To learn more about payment plan options and how material is released, please click here.

Plan A
Plan B
$59 monthly*
$59 down & 13 Low Monthly Payments of $59
for a total of $826
Plan C
$30 monthly*
$59 down, 25 Low Monthly Payments of $30, with a final payment of $17
for a total of $826
*lessons sent every other month

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