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There’s more to learning than just reading textbooks and taking exams. Finding your community of like-minded professionals can prove just as beneficial and educational when advancing in your career field.

With our revamped newsletter, Between the Lines, we are focused on improving the student experience and cultivating an online learning community. Our newsletter is a great resource for prospective students, current students, graduates, and the online education community. It covers Blackstone news and announcements, provides student resources, offers games, fun facts, and other study break ideas.

Blackstone Career Institute is committed to developing student and community resources. Our team’s focus in 2023 is to offer relevant study tips and resources and to highlight trends in the industry.

We plan to publish blog articles weekly, with content revolving around a monthly theme. These articles will be featured in Between the Lines.

Upcoming editions of the newsletter will feature more interactive content, aimed at engaging with the online learning community. Each month, we highlight our students and their accomplishments, and we also create polls to get feedback directly from our students. This input is invaluable, and it allows us to make our resources better for you!

Whether you’re familiar with online learning styles or you’re new to the game, there is always room for growth. To get started, join our Between the Lines community today! Here you can learn proper study habits, prepare for career opportunities, or just enjoy relevant content for online career training.