Certified in Medical Billing and Coding?

You are Eligible to Sit for These Exams

While certification exams aren’t a requirement for every job, they do help appeal to candidate’s qualification. Hence, medical billing and coding certification exams have become a standard rule. Similarly, Blackstone’s online medical billing and coding course provides further proof of your skills and knowledge. Above all, this ensures the prospective employer that you have the tangible skills for the job. Once certified, you will greatly reduce on-site training and increase your potential starting salary. Earning your diploma through BCI will make you eligible to sit for industry-related certification(s), such as the medical coding certification.

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Types of Certification Exams

Furthermore, these certification exams are not necessary to be able to work in an entry-level position in the Medical Billing and Coding Career. However, they should be considered if you are looking for an increase in salary, higher job security and expanding job responsibilities.





With its diverse options of employers and positions, above all, the medical billing and coding career likely holds the ideal opportunity for you. If you are ready to enter a respected profession, get started with Blackstone’s accredited Medical Billing and Coding program today.


Prospective students should check with their state, local government and/or licensing board to determine which requirements are necessary to become a medical biller and coder in their state.


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