You’ve Earned Your Paralegal Certificate. Now, Get Promoted At Your Law Firm

By J. Hauck, Paralegal Instructor

Within Blackstone’s Paralegal Certificate programs, you can learn some of the best ways to get promoted in a paralegal career. For example, a balance of interpersonal relations and commitment to personal excellence in are very important. In other words, too much socializing in the office environment and too little socializing can negatively affect your employee image. Interested in other practical tips to raise your chances of being promoted as a paralegal? Here are some additional tips…

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  1. Avoid gossip all together. Those who listen to gossip are just as guilty as those who do the gossiping and neither position will help you get promoted.
  2. Consequently, avoid giving fake compliments. If you want to compliment someone, it should be sincere
  3. Avoid an office affair whenever possible. A couple of generations ago it was a basic rule for a good career. Today, office affairs and marriages are a commonly accepted norm. However, in a paralegal-related job, you want to be especially careful about such activity
  4. Since most paralegal positions do not have a time clock in the traditional sense, make the most of your personal time management. You should aim to arrive 15 minutes before the start of your shift. Similarly, you should aim to leave 15 minutes after the official end time of your shift. As a result, you may be seen as dedicated and not a “clock watcher” if this is a habit. Additionally, your higher ups may see you as more determined to give every minute of paid time to your work. This tells them that you care about the company’s success and you are giving them their money’s worth.
  5. Never argue with your attorney, or with any attorney in the firm. However, if you disagree with your attorney or any attorney in the firm, keep it to yourself and do not share it with anyone in the firm. If it is a very serious matter, consider approaching someone you have a professional relationship with for advice on the matter. Yet, remain mindful of your tone and intentions.


  1. Try to meet your attorney’s needs as much as is reasonably possible. In other words, make an effort that is visible to your attorney while maintaining your health both physically and mentally.
  2. If you are a smoker, be mindful of how you use your breaks. A slow smoker takes about 7 minutes to finish a cigarette. This adds up to about 4 cigarette breaks in a normal work day where other workers get 2 fifteen-minute breaks. You can use this time to socialize but do not take advantage of these breaks by slacking off. Most of all, you should not take cigarette breaks AND regular breaks – this could give the image that you are distracting yourself from your work
  3. Always acknowledge other attorneys in your firm, at least visually, if not verbally, when walking down the hall or visiting the break room. Be simple, polite and short. More importantly, be yourself.
  4. Always be polite and courteous to your attorney’s secretary and to every secretary in the firm regardless of how they treat you.
  5. The Baker’s Dozen on promotion tips is this: Manners, manners, manners and a little kindness each day will go a long way in getting yourself promoted in a paralegal position.

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