Need Help? Blackstone’s resources and services are available to you!

Many people hesitate when they hear “distance education school,” afraid that the coursework will be too challenging or that help will be unavailable. To alleviate a few intimidating parts of an online education, check out the resources Blackstone Career Institute offers their students during their pursuit towards educational and professional goals.

Fear of Technology resources

One of the benefits of taking an online course is the chance to familiarizing yourself with the common technology in today’s era. Since we live in a technology-driven work field it helps to build essential skills for yourself that many employers look for. However, at Blackstone we understand navigating an online career training program can be intimidating. All our lessons provide instructions upfront and student support along the way. The easiest and quickest way to reach the student support team is by emailing or by calling 800.826.9228 during our office hours.


Another common worry about enrolling in distance education is what to do if you get stuck with understanding the material in a lesson. Fortunately, Blackstone Career Institute is committed to fostering a positive, supportive learning environment. We do this by providing exceptional student support services. Besides contacting our student services, we provide a grade report after the submission of an exam that informs you of any question answered incorrectly and page reference numbers to look back on. Furthermore, we have retest policy that allows any student who scored below a 70% to retake the exam and can earn a passing grade (70%). Our student representatives will also help answer any questions from any unit after you’ve attempted the exam. Blackstone works alongside their students in order to help them achieve their graduation and certification and guiding the student in understanding all course material.

Career Training

Blackstone Career Institute’s mission is to change lives through education by teaching students new skills and preparing them for entry-level careers in today’s high demand fields. We do feel confident that our programs provide the necessary education for entry-level employment and our Career Center provides the tools you need to find a job that’s right for you. Students and graduates are encourage to check out our Career Center for job search strategies and databank resources.

Student Life Connectivity

Beyond the walls of a “classroom” you can connect with Blackstone and many of our students in several ways: Unlimited access to Blackstone’s Online Student Center, where you can chat real-time with other students, participate in online discussions and receive up-to-the-minute news about Blackstone Career Institute, our active blog which provides information on careers, resume building tips, interviewing help, and more and graduates’ Success Stories for inspiration while on pursuit of your new career.

Whether you have been considering continuing education as a career move, or whether you are already enrolled with Blackstone, there are multiple resources available to you that we provide in order to prepare graduates for an entry level position in their chosen field through a technology-driven curriculum that incorporates practical application of learned skills.