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5 Ways to Manage Your Time More Efficiently

It’s not easy to stay on top of your busy schedule and sometimes your online coursework might get pushed to the back burner. We get it. One of the advantages of taking an online course from Blackstone is the ability to work at your own pace and on your own schedule. No hard deadlines gives you some leniency, but rather than pushing the work aside, here are 5 ways to help you manage your daily schedule in creative and time efficient ways.


1. Daily Planning in a format that works for YOU


Notebook planners from stores can be cute and stylish, and sometimes just purchasing one can automatically make you feel more organized. However, a physical planner might not be the best option for everyone. They are difficult to remember to carry with you, require a writing utensil, can be easily misplaced or lost, and need to be replaced every year.

A popular organization tool you may want to consider is a well-designed app for your mobile device. There is a huge array of organization apps that come on your phone, such as: Notes, Calendar, or Reminders. You could search the app store for an app that precisely fits your needs and style, such as: 24me, todoist, or Wunderlist.



2. Block out distractions

A benefit of our “school without walls” is that you are free to study anywhere with internet access, say a park, library or coffee shop. As appealing as a café or park may sound, sometimes these locations have too many distractions. Consider what time of day works for you, do you focus better in the morning or at night? Set your mind to just one task and finish it, rather than trying to do multiple things at once. If you are constantly jumping from task to task, what should take you an hour may take two!

3. Allow breaks

Taking a break and stepping away from your course work may seem counter intuitive. However, studies have shown that good study breaks (not an unplanned detour in distracting social sites or procrastination) can help you refresh and prepare to dive back into your work. A good study break consists of an activity that allows you to take your mind off studying and not use it for a little while. The point of a study break is to get the mind rejuvenated so that you can refocus on the task at hand.

4. Build good habits

The first few hours of the day can have a significant effect on your level of productivity in your day, so it’s important you have a morning routine that you remain committed to. Have you tried creating a routine schedule for yourself? If you do the same thing every morning, it eventually becomes so automatic that you can make a pot of coffee and eat your breakfast before you’re even fully awake. This means you’ve already accomplished two things before your day has even started!

5. Crank it

Research shows that your brain is sharpest two and a half to four hours after waking, so tackle the most important and challenging item on your list first. No matter what you are working on, avoid distractions! As the day progresses and energy decreases, take a break and recharge. Consider reviewing what you have accomplished. Nothing is more motivating than progress!

There is no one way to manage time. There are just as many night owls producing fabulous work as there are early birds. But no matter what your particular routine looks like, every productive person has embraced the idea of using time each day to work on their own agenda.