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Success to Online Learning With Blackstone

We’ve put together a collection of good study techniques and helpful resources to foster positive success in our online learning programs. Whatever your motivations were for enrolling in an online course with Blackstone Career Institute, your education is worth the investment. You have the opportunity to change your life through education, learn new skills, and prepare yourself for an entry-level career. While online learning is flexible and convenient, there are certain skills that will contribute to your success. If you have found a different study technique not included on this list that has worked for you, let us know in the comments below or email and we will share them!

Determined and diligent self-starter

It takes initiative and self-motivation to get started and complete an online program. In order to succeed a student needs the determination and the internal motivation to persist through challenges and to seek help when needed. We commend our students and graduates for having these qualities!

Balancing life, work, and school


Contrary to common belief, online courses are not easy! One of the most important contributors to success is time management, to stick to a plan and check in daily. Effective time management, commitment and organization are the traits needed to balance between life, work, and education.

Good study environment

Establish a regular study time and the place where you can effectively do your coursework. Whether you choose the comfort of your own home, a park or library is not as important as being able to work consistently and undisturbed so you can focus your full attention on your work.

Equipment requirement & technical skills

A desktop or laptop that meets the hardware and software requirements along with a reliable internet connection to access your course are a must. Our students have an active email account and access their coursework through our learning management system and other online tools

Ask for help when needed

Good communication is vital to our students’ success. With student satisfaction and course quality as primary goals Blackstone offers several ways for students to communicate with faculty and staff. When looking for answers about an assignment, technical issues, or some other concern our students can choose to email, call, chat or go to their course discussion board to get answers.