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How to Adjust To Online Career Programs as First-Timers – Veterinary Assistant Certification

According to an article researched by Brookings, enrollment in online career programs has more than quadrupled in the last 15 years. Online programs offer what traditional classrooms cannot: flexibility, affordability, and convenience. The value of knowledge and learning is not forfeited in online courses either. In fact, 71% of academic leaders who were surveyed by Online Learning Consortium rated the learning outcomes in online education as either the same or superior to traditional classrooms.  Distance learning is clearly the education method of the future! If you, too, have enrolled in a career training program and are looking for motivation or tips, Blackstone Career Institute has put together 3 simple steps for you.

1. Know How to Navigate your Online Account

Studying online requires you to familiarize yourself with all the tools and resources available to you. Your Veterinary Assistant course will include a “Read This First” document which is helpful for knowing when you will receive access to certain e-books. Some units include video links. These are optional resources but recommended by your instructor due to their relevant topics. Other units include infographics, podcasts, or web links as supplementary resources for the purpose of a deeper understanding for all types of learners and mastery of concepts presented.

2. Develop a Routine

Unlike traditional schools, there isn’t an attendance log, disciplinary action for missed assignments, or bells ringing. You are responsible for your own success. Failing to keep up with the workload or consistently logging into the student portal could lead to a hindrance on your productivity. It might help to think of your online course as the same as an in-person course. Have a set plan for logging into the portal, reading the materials, participating in discussions, submitting exams and asking questions. Use alarms and set reminders to help you stay on track.

3. List the Benefits of Continuing Education in Online Career Programs

A great way to stay motivated is by reminding yourself of the benefits from your decision to continue your education while working on your career goals. Blackstone Career Institute’s accredited veterinary assistant program provides all of the following benefits:

  • Increased job opportunities
  • Growth of income
  • Networking
  • Professional development
  • Ability to advance up career ladder
  • Create “brain-healthy” habits – by reading, studying & learning
  • Develop personal interests/goals
  • Higher self-esteem

Now is a good time to choose education. 94% of BCI’s graduates are completely satisfied with the studies they receive. For more information on what BCI can do for you, check out our website.


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