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How to Study for Online Career Training

Blackstone Career Institute offers nationally & regionally accredited Online Certificate Training programs. These training programs are specific to entry level positions for in-demand careers. Graduates are prepared for new careers, meet requirements to sit for further certifying exams, and increase chances of upward mobility within their field of work. Blackstone’s online career training courses focus on specific careers, such as allied health or paralegal. Taking online career training courses may require different methods of studying, compared to a more traditional college setting. Here are the study tips for students in online career training courses.

Study Tips:

  • Before you start reading a new lesson, take some time to preview the chapters. Skim over the headings and subtopics. 
  • As you start to read, underline or highlight key sentences, new vocabulary words, and major ideas. Most paragraphs contain a principle thought or conclusion.  It may be a single sentence or part of a sentence. 
  • Make sure you highlight appropriately. Do not highlight during your first reading of the text. Instead, read a passage of text for the broad idea, then reread and highlight the important parts.
  • You can also make notes in the margins of your textbook as you read.
  • When you come across a difficult section read it over a second or even a third time.
  • While reading, make sure you refer to a dictionary or your study guide for explanations of terms with which you are not familiar. This may seem tedious but a quick Google search for the synonyms of a word you do not recognize is the best way to understand the concept. Be careful not to get distracted while looking words up!
  • Well planned breaks have proven to be very effective in studying. Short breaks allow you to digest and soak in what you have been reading. It becomes more obvious what topics may need to be reread.
  • Switching up your study location has also proven to increase aptitude. If you always study from your living room, try the kitchen. If you always study at a community library, try a local café or park.
  • When it’s time to study for an exam, review your highlighted material, any notes you took, and new vocabulary words. As your exams are open book, you can refer back to your notes as you go through the exam.

We know these tips will help not only prepare you for your exams but also increase the long-term memory of the knowledge and training received from BCI’s accredited programs. Give yourself the benefit of getting ahead in your career – choose one of BCI’s certificate programs.


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