Congrats! You’ve Obtained Your Paralegal Certificate.

Here Are The Next Steps to Getting Hired!

By. J. Hauck, Paralegal Instructor


Getting Past the Gate Keepers

Blackstone Career Institute’s graduates received certification from a Nationally and Regionally Accredited institute. Once this level of education is completed, the next steps and hunt for an entry-level career begins. As our experienced teachers in Blackstone’s Paralegal Certificate programs will tell you, temporary agencies, or staffing agencies, are one of the best and time-tested strategies of the Paralegal’s hiring process.


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Temporary Agencies

For a short period of time, employers hire temporary workers until they have time to find a permanent employee. Temp jobs can give you experience in industries and careers you might not have otherwise thought of trying — without a long-term commitment. Furthermore, I recommend Robert Half & Associates as a well-paying and reputable temp firm. They will send you out for two to three month assignments, which is an ideal amount of time to get your foot in the door for a full-time position or to gain experience in a particular field.Having a high-powered connection is the most likely way to getting hired. These include a recruiter, a temp agency, or a personal friend who has friends in the law firm. If you have no connections or you haven’t made it to a recruiter’s list yet, then your best bet is to go in through a legal temp agency.

The temp process should not last longer than a year. As a result, you may want to pursue a part time position as a temp in a firm while you are getting your degree or other qualifications. Regardless of how you get on the inside of a firm, remember cardinal rule number two in all firms is privacy. You should avoid gossip and discussing your business, or the business of others, to those inside the firm. Use discretion when releasing any personal information. You want to make and maintain friendships while remaining professional and representing the firm you are under at all times.

Interviewing for a Paralegal Job

Before interviewing with a law firm or any of its attorneys or staff members, you will want to remember a few important facts. Lawyers are by definition negotiators. Consequently, negotiators listen to every detail you say and they weigh it in the balance of what it is they want from you. Therefore, choose your words carefully and avoid getting personal. This is a cardinal rule in negotiations: He who speaks first loses. At a time when you are seeking to negotiate a salary, view our previous paralegal blog post for tips on negotiating an above-average paralegal salary.




National Association of Legal Assistants

National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc.



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