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  The Pharmacy Technician career can be a challenging one. With Blackstone Career Institute’s renowned online courses with certificates, our pharmacy technician online training programs will prepare you for a successful career in this demanding industry. In many ways, a Pharmacy Technician makes up the backbone of a pharmacy. As a Pharmacy Technician, you could fill an assortment of positions in almost every locale in a variety of pharmacy settings. This may include: hospitals, nursing homes, drugstore chains, grocery stores, pharmaceutical sales, manufacturing companies and physicians’ offices. Technicians work with pharmacists to help prepare and give out prescription medication. They take prescriptions over the phone and in person, work with health professionals and customers, help mix medicines, count pills, measure medication, label and give instructions for medicine, and help take payments. Attention to detail is a must due to the large amount of prescriptions available. As we teach Blackstone Career Institute Students enrolled in our online certificate programs, professionalism is a must. This is especially true for students in our Pharmacy Technician online course. It is not uncommon for Pharmacy Technicians to receive a patient who is embarrassed over their medication. The patient may be a neighbor, a friend, acquaintance which can make interacting uncomfortable. Pharmacy Technicians are expected to know the prescribed medication along with what the medication is used for. This can create uncomfortable situations for both the customer and the Pharmacy Technician. With job prospects on the rise and new jobs expected nationwide, the need will remain for trained pharmacy technicians who understand pharmacy practice skills, including interacting with customers, medication, preparation, inventory control and the counting and labeling of medications.

Sensitive Situations

Because illness, medications and side effects are sensitive subjects, a Pharmacy Technician must be discreet in order to minimize embarrassment and protect customer privacy. There are many types of medications and many different side effects, some of which can be embarrassing for customers.  For example, Pyridium is a medication commonly used to treat pain during urination due to a UTI. A side effect of this medication is turning the patient’s urine orange. Unfortunately, the patient’s bladder may leak a little or they may not fully wipe, and this could cause leakage. It is likely that sharing this information will be awkward. Or, suggesting a solution to the side effect in detail may be uncomfortable for everyone involved. Although you may get some strange looks when explaining details, as noted in our career training institute curriculum, the Pharmacy Technician’s job is to accurately inform while remaining calm and reassuring.

Defining HIPPA

At any time, you may or may not know a patient you are working with. Regardless of your relationship with the patient, maintaining a professional attitude and adhering to the strict rules of HIPPA is mandatory. Receiving medications can be embarrassing for the patient. As long as you maintain a professional attitude when filling, and giving the medication, it will be easier for everyone. It will also help to ensure medication compliance and make the patient more comfortable with you, their medication, and the pharmacy they visit. HIPPA, or The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was established in August of 1996 in order to create a rule of privacy for those receiving health care. The primary goal was to insure the privacy and security of patients. Within Blackstone Career Institute’s Pharmacy Technician online training, students will learn the intricacies of HIPPA to help prepare them for or advance their current Pharmacy Tech career. Difficult situations or customers will always present themselves, but it is part of your job to respect every patient. This includes keeping their information confidential, but it also means showing no bias towards fulfilling their prescription orders.

Blackstone Career Institute – Pharmacy Technician Online Training Course

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