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How to Get the Most from Blackstone Career Institute’s

Online Career Training

  Thinking about enrolling into an online career training institute? Consider a less-traditional path to receive the knowledge and skill set you need for an entry-level job. Online career training programs from an accredited institute, such as Blackstone, have as many benefits as other leading education providers. Blackstone Career Institute’s self-paced, easily accessible and affordable online career programs allow students to receive practical and relevant career training. Online accredited career institutes like BCI is here to make your aspirations more reachable. BCI has been granting students quality distance education for decades. Here are 6 tips to help you succeed as a Blackstone student:

1. Expectations and Practices

Online Career Training programs are a self-motivated type of learning. One common misconception is that this different style of learning is harder. Online learning is not more difficult. On the contrary, it is more convenient for the student. Distance learning courses can allow for greater flexibility in scheduling and time management.  It is true that you will need to be diligent in dedicating time for studying without many distractions. However, all these elements are true for a classroom-setting as well. If you are willing to commit to the online course requirements while gaining an understanding on how to navigate in an online learning management system, then you will succeed in our online career training institute.

2. Dedicate a Study Space

There have been a few different studies done to prove why working or studying in the same location you sleep or relax in will actually have negative physiological effects. Studying in the same room you sleep in may either make it too difficult to focus or may even increase difficulty sleeping or resting. In order to create a healthy study environment for your online certificate program curriculum, avoid working in the same location you sleep. However, the location you choose should still cultivate an organized, distraction-free zone. The study also shows an increase in the ability to obtain new information if you switch up your study spot from time to time.

3. Ask for Help When You Need It

Blackstone Career Institute offers many resources for students to succeed. Every BCI student receives a welcome package which includes answers to frequently asked questions and instructions to navigate our online career school student center. Yet, you can start your course work before your package arrives! Students immediately receive an email confirmation of their online career training enrollment along with the credentials needed to log in and get started. Do you have questions or concerns? Whether you’re looking for help with a study schedule, navigation in your online account, or are stuck on an exam question, our friendly student service staff and faculty are available through chat, email or by phone. From time to time we check in on our students to see how they are doing. This includes motivational and reminder emails. Whether you are just getting started at Blackstone Career Institute or approaching your graduation, our goal is to see 100% student satisfaction!

4. Know Your Own Goals

There are many benefits to a self-paced and self-taught online career training program. Namely, convenience and flexibility that is personalized to fit your lifestyle. With Blackstone’s renowned online courses, you can fit your education around your schedule. You can have your education in your way. However, one important element to keep in mind is the independent factor. With no professor or instructor giving you deadlines, it is crucial that you create your own personal goals. Is there a certain grade average you wish to maintain? Is there a date you aim to complete the course by? Once you receive your online career certificate, do you have any next steps? Maybe you have your own unique goals but having a goal in mind will help you to stay focused, complete the career training course and graduate as quickly as possible.

5. Give Yourself a Break

Whether your “break” will include a Kit-Kat bar is entirely up to you. Similar to point number two, taking study breaks is also proved to increase your study performance. Feelings of fatigue or frustration will block your brain from how much you are absorbing. Cramming in excessive information in a short period of time may allow you to pull off passing an online exam. Unfortunately, that is not how you will not be able to retain information long term. Get the most from your online career training program by using study techniques that will enhance your skill set and knowledge for the long haul. Taking breaks will increase your motivation as well. Walking away from your studies, eating food, even taking a quick 10 minutes to stretch, are great ways to release tension in your mind. By redirecting your attention to something else, this may help you process the information. When you return to your coursework, determine what information you have forgotten and focus your attention to that area.

6. Take the First Step

Perhaps the greatest way to get the most from your online career training, is to just begin it. Getting started can be the hardest part! Whether its fear, procrastination, or uncertainty that is limiting you, taking that first step is important to achieve the goals you’ve set. Blackstone’s excellent Student Services team works at encouraging and motivating our students towards reaching their graduation. One of our goals is to foster a positive, supportive online learning environment that motivates students to learn and accomplish educational and career goals. We can provide a study timeline, offer extended time of completion, and answer questions immediately. There are also Discussion Boards between the instructor and other students enrolled in the same career training course. Students may post about what they are learning, view industry news, and engage in a learning community with others pursuing the same educational goals. It is up to you to take that first step, but there is always a BCI community ready to help you reach your goals. Our online courses with certificates do not mean you are alone! Take the first step towards achieving your personal and career goals by enrolling in one of our accredited online courses with certificates. Speak with a Blackstone Career Institute student representative today!